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Flag of Passas
Coat of Arms of Passas
Coat of Arms
Motto: Del hed Sanáos aji Ämóntáinos (Of the Seas and Mountains)
Location of Passas
Map versions 9.4a-Present
Capital Northman
Largest city Zidado West
Official language(s) English, Pallisican, Hammish
Official religion(s) {{{religion}}}
Demonym Pallisican, Passian
 - Adjective Passian
Government Theocratic Monarchy
 - Queen Esper I Crown of Passio-Corum
 - Pallisico Sitre Duke of Northman
 - Legislature Houses of Corum
Establishment Simia 29, 364 WG (7/29/06)
 - Ranked N/A
Area N/A
 - Ranked NA
Population 4,781,142 (893 WG)
 - Active N/A
 - Ranked N/A
Currency Poli (P)
Abbreviation PAS
National website Pallisican Website
National forum Pallisican Forum
National animal White-Faced Ferret
National food
National drink
National tree

Passas is a country located in the tropical plains region of Southwestern Keltia. Passas is a member of the Realm of Passio-Corum, though it has also historically been controlled by the Commonwealth of Hamland, the Confederacy of Gralus, and the Kingdom of Craitland. It is directly bordered by the Alexandrian state of Corcovado and Santander to the South, and the Hammish states of Israat and San Luis to the North and East. To the West is the Strait of Chelkra, and beyond that is the New Zimian territory of Chelkran Kesh.

As the birthplace of the Hammish Economic Model - which is outlined in the essay "A Sustainable Economy" - Passas is the fourth largest economy featured in the marketplace of Grand Duke National Mall, behind the New Zimian War League.

Notable Passasians of the pre-modern era include Opyeme Time, who crafted the Hammish Economic Model, and Queen Mina, who's work laid the foundations for the establishment of the Realm of Passio-Corum. Notable Passasians of the modern era include Duke of Northman, Pallisico Sitre, and the late ruler of Passio-Corum Opyeme Amor.


Officially annexed by Passio-Corum around the turn of the tenth century WG, Passas is directly governed on behalf of the Crown of Passio-Corum by the Duke of Northman, though the region's government is also heavily influenced by the New Zimian Temple Authority, whose headquarters is located in the city of Chelkran Kesh, just across the Strait of Chelkra from Zidado West.


Passas is located in Southwestern Keltia. It is the Northernmost province of the Greater Pallisican Trade Association, and it borders Alexandria Santa Gertrudis to the North, and Hamland to the South. Passas is primarily a tropical grassland, though it features sparse woodlands in certain areas including the Rodina Valley. The nation's western region is hilly, and lightly forested.

As a member of the Agency of Non-Incorporated Pallisican Territories, Passas can be divided into three geographic regions. These regions, which are listed below, serve as the administrative headquarters of the nation's New Zimian rulers.

Zibertian Societies

Zimian Societies

Passasian Societies