Siege of Talenore

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Siege of Talenore
Part of War of Lost Brothers
Date 1655–1656 AN
(December 2017–January 2018)
Location Talenore, Skerry Isles
Result Both sides claimed victory
Musican Fleet relieves Talenore
Musican Fleet gifted to Talenore Defence Force
  • Talenore
Commanders and leaders
Units involved
Vexillation XX Neriosang

MoMA Station Talenore
Talenore Defence Force[1]

  • State of Talenore Army
  • State of Talenore Navy
  • State of Talenore Air Force
  • State of Talenore Coast Guard
  • State of Talenore Gendarmerie
    • Special Operations Corps
Grand Army of the East
  • Central Skerry Isles Exploratory Mission
  • 3,600 S.W.O.R.D. operatives[2]
  • 42,000 auxiliaries [3]
    • x410 Trump radar tracking autocannons
    • x3 9K37 Buk mobile SAM batteries
    • x20 Horjin Armoured Fighting Vehicles
    • x130 L118 towed 105mm light gun
    • x20 Moraquine SRBMs (conventional warheads)
    • x1 Ordnance QF 13 pounder


First bombardment

Aborted landings

Second bombardment


Voorpost raid




Engagement Date Shirerithian Casualties Palliscian Casualties
First Bombardment 24.XI.1655 to 17.XIII.1655 (43 days) 137 dead, 592 injured, 1 surveillance radar & 16 105mm light guns destroyed n/a
Talenore Harbour Raid 18.XIII.1655 Auxiliaries: 11 dead, 43 injured, 4 Trump Autocannons knocked out (3 subsequently repaired), 7 SRBM spent

TDF: 25 dead, 46 injured
Civilians: 27 dead, 60 injured

NZWL: 148 dead, unknown number of small craft lost
Second Bombardment 03.XIV.1655 to 29.XV.1655
(51 days)
TDF: 65 dead, 61 injured
Auxiliaries: 5 dead, 42 injured, x1 Trump Autocannon and x4 105mm artillery pieces destroyed
Blockade 1656 Civilians: 2,711 cases of malnutrition reported.