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Kerularios & Company was founded in the Port of Aqaba, Constancia in 1658, originally a small family-owned shipping company that shipped milk, produce, and other foodstuffs from abroad into Aqaba, and facilitated the export of Constancian products into Natopia and Caputia. A shipping line to the Theme of Oranje opened in 1662.

In 1661, the company purchased two 100,000 square feet warehouses in Aqaba and set up their headquarters there. The company soon purchased five trucks to deliver goods from their warehouses locally.

By 1665, the company had 12 trucks to deliver locally, 20 ships with routes to destinations in Natopia, Shireroth, Caputia, Krasnocoria, and Stormark. Special routes linking Euran ports to the Theme of Oranje were pioneered, and the company invested heavily in projected cargo rail lines to Raspur and Vey.

At its peak Kerularios & Co had 20 warehouses, some located in cities like Zalae (Caputia), Judah (Caputia), Vey (Constancia), Raspur, Hazelwood (Natopia), Lindstrom (Natopia), Shirekeep (Shireroth), and Hatrecht (Constancia). The company was however severely impacted by the economic downturn which followed the Second Euran War and the White Plague. The subsequent disappearance of the company founder, Maximinus Kerularios, threw the company into further confusion and left it vulnerable to a turf war between the General Service Corps and the Androphagos Corporation for control of its assets.

The confrontation was won during 1669 by the General Service Corps, whose auxiliaries were able to force an entry into the company's corporate offices in Aqaba and change the locks, thereby installing a new management team. The Androphagos Corporation retaliated by sending a contingent of thugs into Nivardom and stealing a half-dozen of the ex-Caputian cargo vessels at anchor in the harbour. Today, in the year 1670, the company possesses 14 cargo ships and control of the 8,360 acre commercial port facility in Aqaba. The company can also leverage, through its controlling partners in the General Service Corps, access to the significant fleet of military trucks available to the Trans-Euran Command of the Raspur Pact to bolster its onshore delivery capabilities.