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Total Area: 18,896,485.01 km²
Area of major landmass: {{{area_landmass}}} km²
Population: 35
Date founded: {{{date_founded}}}
Countries: 6
Dependencies: 0
Languages: English
Largest Cities: Kamalshahr

Eura is a continent on the planet Micras. Its name comes from Babak, first Shah of Babkha, who wrote a story where Eura was the name of the continent Babkha existed on. This was later used as inspiration when Babkha entered the MCS. Eura has twice been fully occupied by a single country: once by Babkha and once by the CIS. Babkha left Eura twice, once with the Alternate Realities project and once with the GSO, but returned both times, regaining most of its land by hook or by crook. Nowadays, Alexandria, Natopia, Passio-Corum, Hamland and Stormark have claims on the continent together with the only country to have its mainland on Eura - Constancia.

Eura is home to a Micrasian 'super-volcano', Mt Duranian.