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Adarma Province

Proziu Adarmes (gr)
Flag of Adarma
Coat of Arms of Adarma
Coat of arms
Location of Adarma
Established 11 August 2012
Capital Tawlkar
Largest cities Tawlkar, Tániz, Sper
Demonym Adarman
 - Adjective Adarman
Governor Ims Sanlorä (IPG)
Area 126,072 km²
 - Ranked 2nd
Population 1,168,323 (2017)
 - Ranked 3rd
Density 9.27/km²
Abbreviation AD

Adarma is a province in southern Gerenia. It's the second biggest one, behind Sängeran.


Early Gerenian settlers reached present-day Adarma through the Camoleo River. The first towns were built on the banks of the Camoleo, while many people also moved westwards. The whole region was named Adarma, as its hilly terrain reminded the settlers the Meeredrian region called Adarma.

Adarma became the fourth Gerenian province in August 2012. Later in the year, it was included within Sibirel Region, with Tawlkar becoming the seat of government of both administrative divisions.


The vast majority of the province's area is occupied by the Adarman Highlands. Gerenia's highest peak, Tankberg, is located in the centre of Adarma.


As of June 2017, the province's population was 1,168,323. Roughly half of the population resides in Tawlkar, the provincial capital. Other important urban centres are Tániz and Sper. Adarma's fastest growing towns are Näsern and Joslity, both on the banks of the Camoleo.


Adarma's primary mode of transportation (in terms of passengers) is its railway system, operated by the Gerenian State Railway Company. The lines 40, 41 and 42 connect Tawlkar with other major communities in the province and in neighbouring provinces. There is also a growing network of roads which connect smaller settlements. Route 40 is a south-north corridor, which links Sper with Tániz before entering the Western province.

Public transportation, intra-city bus services are offered in Tawlkar and Tániz, while a few inter-city services also exist. Such services are jointly operated by the district and province governments.

Military instalations

Adarma is currently the home of three major military bases and installations.

Protected areas

Adarma is home to two national parks and two nature reserves. These are:

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