Year of the Four Kaisers

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1644, the Year of the Four Kaisers, was a tumultuous moment in Shirerithian History which saw the deposition and murder of Kaiser Dominus, and the emergence of three claimants to the Golden Mango Throne.

Kaisers of the year 1644

  1. Kaiser Dominus (Thorgils TarjeissonAssassinated)
  2. Kaiser Aurangzeb II Steffki (Tokaray al-OsmanAbdicated)
  3. Kaiseress Noor (Queen NoorFavoured successor of Kaiser Dominus – supported by the Landsraad, Elwynn, Lichbrook & Natopia)
  4. Kaiser Mors VII (Marcus MyksosDesignated heir by Aurangzeb II – supported by the Imperial Government, Imperial Forces & Goldshire)


  • 1644
    • 13 Nomeziooqu: Oustfest ends in a massacre
    • 14 Nomeziooqu: Accession proclamation. Imperial Forces declare in favour of Tokaray (Aurangzeb II Steffki)
    • 24 Nomeziooqu: Abatement of fighting in Shirekeep
    • 20 Vixaslaa: Alejian Castle session of the Landsraad begins
    • 2 Oskaltequ: Shelling of Lichkeep (Bad Neighbour)
    • 6 Oskaltequ: Ludovic Verion calls for Kaiser Aurangzeb II Steffki's abdication
    • 7 Oskaltequ: Aurangzeb flees to Mishalan after looting the treasury
    • 12 Oskaltequ: Lichbrook orders the expulsion of Imperial Government/Imperial Forces
    • 21 Oskaltequ: Ludovic retires to Blackstone, after looting the treasury
    • 22 Oskaltequ: Abdication of Aurangzeb, names Marcus Myksos as heir
    • 24 Oskaltequ: Angularis Offensive Operation begins
    • 4 Muulantooqu: Angularis Offensive Operation ends
    • 9 Rugaall: The Landsraad passes the Alejian Castle Resolution, recognizing Queen Noor as Kaiseress.
    • 10 Rugaall: Operation Retribution - the Elwynnese invasion of Goldshire - begins.
    • 11 Rugaall: First Bomber Command raid on Eliria. Light raid by 10 B-66 Vulcans targeting UDF aerodrome. Probe of air defences.
    • 12 Rugaall: Bomber Command sortie against Ardashirshahr. Aggressive Imperialist fighter sweeps over Southern Elwynn attempting to gain air superiority.
    • 14 Rugaall: Battle over Araxion – massed fighter, gravship and gravimetric vehicle incursion as Imperialist convoy attempts to overfly Elwynn to send munitions and equipment directly to Goldshire from Mishalan.
    • 8 Qinamu: Siege of Shirekeep begins.
    • 11 Qinamu: Natopian air support provided to UDF in Elwynn, Goldshire and over Shirekeep.
    • 13 Qinamu: Anti-aircraft guns released from Ardashirshahr arrived on the siege lines.
    • 21 Qinamu: The Anti-Kaiser evacuated his remaining supporters from Shirekeep using an arcane portal to Balgurd and hence to Voltrue. Daemon spawn released into the trenchworks around Shirekeep.
    • 36 Qinamu: 2nd Battle of Cabbagefall.
  • 1645
    • 1 Silnuai: Kaiseress Noor enters Shirekeep, 217 days after the Oustfest Massacre.
    • 10 Silnuai: Westfield Prisoner Remediation Facility[1] (High Harvest, Suthergold) discovered to be an experimental death camp operated by the regime of Tokaray and Lord Adam.
    • 21 Silnuai: Lord Adam, his wife Liv, and a small retinue, were arrested by the Imperial Constabulary, in Cabbagefall.