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Waldemar Thorgilsson

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Waldemar Thorgilsson (born 1644) is a Shirerithian-born Norse military officer and diplomat. Head of Legation for Normark at the MTO since 1705. Knight of the Holy Lakes. Citizen of Normark, Hurmu, the Benacian Union, and Shireroth.

Youngest of the four children of Kaiser Dominus born in 1644 (Tarjei, Linus, Katja). Thus the brother of the King of Normark (Tarjei).

Belongs to the House of Einhorn and the Line of Verion.


  • 1659 AN: Cornicen of the Imperial Army, attached to the Prime Cohort of the Scholae Kalirion (Palatini Corps)
  • 1660 AN1661 AN: Defected to the Army of the Southern League with Daniyal ibn Daniyal Simrani-Kalirion in the First Elwynnese Civil War. Commissioned into the Emirati Riddare as a lieutenant. Attached to the staff of Eliza Carstens (IX Corps).
  • 1661 AN: Promoted to captain in the Army of the Southern League. Participated in the liberation of Modan from the daemon-tainted regime there.
  • 1661 AN1662 AN: Officially listed as a deserter from the Palatini Corps. Purchased out of service. Retained in the household of Eliza Carstens at the Manor of Qasr-e-Qand as an intimate.
  • 1662 AN: Purchased into the State Guard of Modan with the rank of Major. Attended to the persecution of heretics in the Lywall Protectorate.
  • 1663 AN: Attended upon Eliza Carstens subsequent to her appointment as Governor of Lywind in the State of Modan. Appointed to the position of Colonel in the State Guard, receiving a commission to raise a regiment of foot in the port of Twoggle. Notoriously formed a troop of catamites as his honour guard.
  • 1664 AN: Demoted to the rank of Major and placed on half-pay, following accusations concerning the abduction of the daughter of a merchant-venturer resident in the town. Summoned to Shirekeep to face the inquisition before the Imperial Judex.
  • 1665 AN: Restored to his colonelcy after being cleared of all charges, on account of the Imperial Judex's appointed inquisitor receiving proofs of the sanctity of his blood. His accuser subsequently fell from a balcony shortly after his return to Twoggle. First marriage solemnised in the following month.
  • 1667 AN: Usurped control of the Imperial garrison in Twoggle following the Modanese Migration. Appointed himself to the rank of Legate in the Imperial Marshals and began collecting tolls in the port and revenues in the surrounding lands.
  • 1672 AN: Expelled from Twoggle by the townsfolk in the aftermath of the Kalirion Fracture.
  • 1672 AN1674 AN: Declared himself Magister of Lywind. Claimed to be in possession of a commissioning scroll blessed by the hand of the late Kaiser. Area of operations limited to the western highlands where he collected a following of former state troopers, imperial marshals, and bundies. This meagre host, such as it was, would be scattered by a confederation of Laq warbands at the battle of Chimdit, whereafter Waldemar fled westwards with his remaining adherents.
  • 1674 AN1675 AN: Conducted raids in Shimmerspring, Highpass, Tellia, and Angularis, rebuilding his following. Abducted his second wife whilst travelling the roads of Highpass.
  • 1675 AN: Crossed into the territory of the Unified Governorates of Benacia in the Governorate of Litel. Presenting himself to the Frainan Uihmanz Ermanaric Parsamyan as an expert and theoretician in the matter of anti-partisan warfare. Sceptical, the officer commanding of the IV Corps nonetheless arranged for Waldemar to be conveyed to Merensk. Out of recognition of the dignity of his blood, an interview was arranged between Waldemar and Konstantin, the Szodan of Benacia. The interview proceeded favourably, with the Szodan being pleased to recruit yet another scion of the Kaiser Dominus to his cause. Waldemar received a commission into the Black Legions at the tribunal rank and authority to reorganise his surviving retinue and warband into the 7th Security Regiment.
  • 1676 AN1679 AN: Salbnan of the Black Legions, Mission Commander South Benacian Community Policing and Security Mission to Tellia. Third wife taken from the city of Fiorecittà, following a reprisal raid carried out against the 'Nclavesci. Withdrawn from Northern Tellia following the intervention of the Union Defence Force and the adjustment of the frontier in favour of Elwynn.
  • 1679 AN1685 AN: Deployed to Lachdolor for anti-partisan operations. Limited participation in Inner Benacian Conflict (1681 AN).
  • 1685 AN: Led his regiment into Transelwynn following the ceding of the region, along with Northern Tellia, to the UGB by Elwynn.
  • 1685 AN1690 AN: Engaged in anti-partisan actions in Northern Tellia, including the enforcement of Covenant and the Golden Path Rehabilitation Programme. Transferred to Siyachia to escape accusations of rape and pillage associated with his regiment, which was decimated by the Internal Security Bureau in his absence.
  • 1690 AN1702 AN: Afzælthvaszhaldan of the Black Legions, Officer Commanding of the 1st Fortress & Artillery Division in the I Uihmanz "Siyacher"
  • 1702 AN1705 AN: Frainan Uihmanzis of the BUDF, Commandant of the Southern Sector Defensive Lines of the Benacian Western Defence Zone
  • 1705 AN: Head of Legation, seconded to the Normark Diplomatic Corps, representing the Kingdom of Normark to the Micras Treaty Organisation