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Pador u-Germask

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Pador u-Germask (born 1599 AN, died in 1696 AN, aged 97 AN years years) was a Hurmu elder and former senator and ex officio Chancellor of the Order of the Holy Lakes (1690–1695). He belonged to the Ayreonist faction.

Born outside Huyenkula as the son of Senator Netba u-Germask (1574–1680) and Sima Adurezion (1580–1684), his parents were outside Hurmu during the Hurmu genocide (1601–1603) and thus survived. He grew up with his younger brother Janek (b. 1602) in Elwynn, studied at the People's Academy of Elwynn, and became a researcher specialising in the Hurmu diaspora in the world, including Stormark. From 1651 onwards, he was unable to visit Stormark, and moved permanently to Lakkvia to teach in universities there.

After the re-establishment of the Hurmu state in 1690, he was elected to the Senate of the Lakes. In the Senate he heads the protocol and administrative tasks of the Order of the Holy Lakes. In 1695, he announced that he would not stand for re-election to the Senate.

Married to Maia Iverion of Utasia, he had one son, Vilde u-Germask, born in Eliria in 1626. He had also one granddaughter, through Vilde, Azen (born 1656). Through her, Pador had one great grandson, Omar u-Germask Al Shim (b. 1673), and two great great grandchildren, Assad bin Omar bin Omar Husseini Al Shim (b. 1691) and Rim bint Omar bin Omar Husseini Al Shim (b. 1692).

Pador u-Germask died in 1696, peacefully in his sleep, in the presence of his family. As a former senator, he was given a state funeral.

Preceded by:
Anskar Isamma
Chairman of the Board of Trustees
Chancellor of the Order of the Holy Lakes
Succeeded by
Li Naomiai Avon-El