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Countries Phinbella Phinbella
Confederation EMUFA
Founded TBA
Number of teams 14
Levels on pyramid 2
Promotion to PP.League
Relegation to P3.League
TV partners
RP 2620 P2.League

P2.League, known as the Phinbella Division 2 League, is a professional football tournament for clubs affiliated with the Phinbella Football Association. It forms the second stage of football in Phinbella after the professional Phinbella Premier League or PP.League, which was established in the same year and before the Islands Wide League. The teams also qualified to compete in the Phinbella FA Cup.


Club Location
Springwind Islands Holiday FC Springwind Islands
Immigration Phinbella FC Negara Awan
Olympique Hanélang FC Martin-de-Viviès
KDMM FC Iñderaqonır
KT Rovers Liancourt Rocks
Protap FC Kuala Pilahondan
Raimon Eleven FC Martin-de-Viviès
Sinchi FC Cyberaya
UPB-MyTeam FC Politama
Hulu Teming FA Hulu Teming
Yapreayan Lions Springwind Islands
Young Platypus Cyborges
Étoile FC Kéijō
U.O.G. Tritons Danville