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Phinbella World Stars

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Phinbella World Stars
Phinbella World Stars logo.png
Official logo where launched on 24 June RP 2618
Countries Phinbella Phinbella
Confederation EMUFA
Founded 20 August RP 2600 (RP 2600-08-20) as Phinbella Cup
Number of teams 16
Current champions Frostfire Cyborges
(1st title)

(2021 Phinbella Cup)
Most titles Unknown club (7th titles)
Television broadcasters KBS, JSB
RP 2620 Phinbella World Stars

Phinbella World Stars, known as the Phinbella World Stars Cup (Phineaner: Piala Bintang Dunia Phinbella), formerly the Phinbella Cup (Phineaner: Piala Phinbella) until RP 2617, is an annual association football tournament and domestic cup in Phinbella, formerly held at the end of the year but since RP 2616, it is held in mid-August to the end September. This tournament known as the Phinbella Cup was first held in RP 2600. The prestigious football cup tournament in Phinbella was first rebranded in RP 2618, it refers to “Becoming a Champion” in the “Phinbellan Football Fantasy World” and not referring to the world championship or so on. The tournament is managed by the Phinbella Football Association (PhFA) through the Phinbellan Football League Authority (PhFLA).

In this tournament, only the top ten PP.League teams and the top six P2.League teams qualified for the Phinbella World Stars in the same season.

Prior to being renamed as Phinbella World Stars, the current title holder was Frostfire Cyborges where it won the RP 2617 edition of the Phinbella Cup.