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Countries Phinbella Phinbella
Confederation EMUFA
Founded TBA
Number of teams 14
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to P2.League
Domestic cup(s) Phinbella World Stars
International cup(s) FMF Champions' League
EMUFA Champions' League
Current champions Frostfire Cyborges (1st title)
Most championships RTP Adiwira (2nd title)
TV partners
RP 2620 PP.League

The PP.League (Phineaner: Liga Perdana Phinbella; abbrevation for Phinbellan Premier League) is a professional league in the Federal Republic of Phinbella for men's football clubs. It was formerly known as the P.League. At the highest level of local football competition in the territory, it is the premier football tournament. Compiled of fourteen clubs, it consists of three rounds in which each team plays each other. The Oriental Taemhwan clubs have been invited to participate in the league to improve its competitiveness and profile.

The PP.League is organised by the Phinbella Football Association. The season runs from late February or March through August, with teams playing 26 games each, and 182 games total for the season.

This competition actually from its history was founded on 14 January RP 2610 after the Phinbellan People's Amateur Football Association (now as the Phinbellan Football Association (PhFA)) announced its intention to promote and develop the growing local football community by having the Federal highest level domestic league in Phinbella. From the beginning of its establishment until RP 2619, this league consists of fourteen clubs where all clubs come from all autonomous entities and special administrative territories, and this league operates on a promotion and relegation system with the P2.League, with two teams in the lowest ranked teams are eliminated and replaced by the top two promoted teams in the division. The season runs from February to June or July, depending on the FMF calendar. The top PP.League clubs have qualified for inter-Micras club competitions, including the FMF Champions' League and the EMUFA Champions' League.


Club Location
RTP Adiwira FC Phinéas Padolski
Albirex Niigatawas FC Hulu Teming
Felcra 4.25 FC Liancourt Rocks
Rumah United Bandar Baru Fatin
Hiliorian United Kota Hilir
Frostfire Cyborges Cyborges
Iñderaqonır FC Iñderaqonır
Sporting Club Rintis Island
Frontier Bison FC Keijō
Phinbellan Boer Super Reds Danville
Surrender Point FC Springwind Islands
Springwind Islands Volunteer FC Springwind Islands
Kangdoi Templates Rovers Liancourt Rocks
Raimon Eleven FC Martin-de-Viviès

Former clubs

Club Location
DPMM SC Cyberaya
Bank of Bumiputera Strykers FC Bandar Baru Fatin
Springwind Phoenix Springwind Islands
Woodlands Liancourt Liancourt Rocks
Hulu Teming FA Hulu Teming
U.O.G. Tritons Danville


Season Champion Runners-up Third place
RP 2616 RTP Adiwira FC Frostfire Cyborges Albirex Niigatawas
RP 2617 RTP Adiwira FC Albirex Niigatawas Frostfire Cyborges
RP 2618 Frostfire Cyborges RTP Adiwira FC Sporting Club