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Pekan Danville
  City and territorial capital  
City of Danville
Bandaraya Pekan Danville
Skylines of Danville
Flag of Danville
Official seal of Danville
Country Phinbella Phinbella
Entity Free area of the Federation
Territory Tri-State Area Tri-State Area
Precinct Jefferson County
Settled by PHOC -124BP--44BP
Municipality status 1 January -32BP
City status 2 February -10BP
Tri-State Area Unification Day 15 July -4BP
Declared capital of Tri-State Area -4BP
Merger with MDLJ, remain city status 10 April RP 2604
 • Body Danville City Council
 • Mayor Normaliza Hassan (DRA)
 • City and territorial capital 325.21 km2 (125.56 sq mi)
 • Urban 611.982 km2 (236.288 sq mi)
Elevation 125 m (410 ft)
Population (RP 2617)
 • City and territorial capital 1,192,847
 • Density 3,700/km2 (9,500/sq mi)
 • Urban 1,796,900
 • Metro (RP 2618, Keijinshin) 4,987,016
Demonym Orang Danville, Danvillite, Danvillian
Time zone Phinéas Padolski Time (UTC+5:20)
Postal code 80xxx; 81xxx
Area code(s) 088, 087
Vehicle registration EJ, EJA, EJB

Danville or known as Pekan Danville (Phineaner for Town of Danville), and colloquially as Dengpil, is the capital and administrative center of the Tri-State Area, a special administrative territory of Phinbella. It is also the capital of the Jefferson County precinct. Danville is also the most populous city in the Tri-State Area and the fifth most populous city in Phinbella. A geographical anomaly, Danville is located near the ocean and it faces the Straits of Biai State to the north and the Linchang Islands to the west. Danville has a large suburban area and is surrounded by mangrove swamps. According to the RP 2605 census, Danville has a population of 241,000 people and it is shown on a signboard at the city limits and the signage is still not updated to date. However, according to the RP 2617 census, Danville has a population of 1,192,847 people. As such, it is the largest component of the Keijinshin Metropolitan Area, which is the second largest metropolitan area in Phinbella with a population of nearly 5 million inhabitants.