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National Democratic Party (Mercury)

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National Party
Leader Gabrielle Fisher
Founded 2010 (National Party)
2020 (Merged with Livingston Democrats)
Headquarters Mercury
Political ideology liberalism, populism
Political position Centre-left to centre
Colours Gold
Parliamentary seats
245 / 400

The National Democratic Party is a centre-left political party in Mercury. It was formed in 2020 following a merger between the National Party and the Livingston Democrats.


Picture Name Period
1 President Foxon.png Joe Foxon 11 June, 2010 – 14 June, 2019
2 Nick Perry.jpg Nick Perry 14 June, 2019 – V.1721 AN
3 Ferran Soltero.png Ferran Soltero V.1721 AN – XI.1727 AN
4 Gabrielle Fisher.png Gabrielle Fisher XI.1727 AN