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President of Mercury

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President of Mercury
Caroline Griffiths.jpg
Incumbent President, Caroline Griffiths
Caroline Griffiths
since III.1721
Style Sir/Madam
Residence Araucaria House
Appointer Mercurian Parliament
Term 3 years
Inaugural holder Joe Foxon
Formation 2010

The President of Mercury is the head of state in Mercury, and is the chair of the Cabinet of Mercury, the executive branch of the Mercurian government.


The President's primary position is to act as the head of state. They are, by convention, the leader of the most prominent party in the Mercurian Parliament, whether this be as part of a complete majority or in a hung parliament, and therefore hold both executive and legislative powers. Under the position, the President's authority extends to enacting lawmaking agenda, the appointment and dismissal of ministers, and oversight of the organisation of all governmental departments. The President is also the chairperson of the Mercurian executive, the Cabinet.


The President is elected through Mercury's general election votes, using the Sainte-Laguë system. The party which gains the most seats in the election traditionally leads the government, either as a majority, minority or coalition, with the party's leader becoming President. Following the result of the election, the new President must be elected by Parliament, which usually occurs a few days after the general election, although in the case of Mercury's second President Nick Perry, this process took over two weeks due to his party initially being unable to form a coalition government. Caroline Griffiths was elected as Mercury's third President in 1721 AN.

There is no limit to the number of consecutive terms that a President can serve.

List of Presidents

Picture Name Period Party
1 President Foxon.png Joe Foxon 11 June, 2010 – 14 June, 2019 National Party
2 Nick Perry.jpg Nick Perry 14 June, 2019 – III.1721 AN National Party
3 Caroline Griffiths.jpg Caroline Griffiths III.1721 AN Mercurian Labour Party