Caroline Griffiths

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Caroline Griffiths
Caroline Griffiths.jpg
President of Mercury
In office
III.1721 AN
Constituency May VIII
Preceded by Nick Perry
Succeeded by Incumbent
Born 19.XIII.1673 AN (57 years old), May, Mercury
Political Party Mercurian Labour Party
Alma mater University of May
Caroline I
Queen of the South Sea Islands
In office
1721 AN
Lieutenant Governor George Middlemore
Preceded by Nicholas I
Succeeded by Incumbent

Caroline Griffiths is a Mercurian politician who is currently serving as President of Mercury. In her presidential capacity, she also serves as Queen of the South Sea Islands under the regnal name Caroline I. She assumed the office in III.1721, after leading the Mercurian Labour Party to a landslide victory in the 1721 elections. Prior to becoming President, she served as a Member of Parliament for May VIII.

Honors and Awards