Matrimonial Palace

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The Matrimonial Palace is a landmark in eastern Ardashirshahr, Elwynn. Erected in 1588–1589, built fast by indentured servants imported from Babkha, for Kaiser Ayreon II (Elijah Ayreon) and his husband Prince Nathan of Elwynn on the border between Shirerithian-controlled Ardashirshahr and Elwynnese-controlled Ardashirshahr, with a bedroom on the border, is located along the Partition Wall in the eastern district of Ardashirshahr.

In 1700, the shareholders of the palace agreed to sell the palace to the Order of the Holy Lakes for a nominal sum. Since then, it has been the representative offices of the Order of the Holy Lakes in the Benacian Union. It houses also the consulate-general of Hurmu in Ardashirshahr.


  • 1588–1589: Elijah Ayreon (1/2) and Nathan Dariolin (1/2)
  • 1589–1590: Elijah Ayreon (1/1) (first death of Nathan, Elijah inherited as husband)
  • 1590–1598: Elijah Ayreon (1/2) and Nathan Dariolin (1/2) (Nathan revived, his part restored as part of the marriage)
  • 1598–1607: Nathan Dariolin (1) (
  • 1607–1617: The Elwynnese State (1) (Nationalised under the Coordinated State and remained thus during the communist era until the property was restored in 1617 by decision of the People's Democratic Republic of Elwynn, bringing on the Kalirion Restoration)
  • 1617–1632: Nathaniel Ayreon-Kalirion (1) (Restored to the son of Nathan and Elijah)
  • 1632–1639: Adam (1/4), Aldin (1/4), Rostam (1/4), Arn (1/4) (Divided between Nathaniel's 4 sons)
  • 1639–1650: Adam (3/8), Aldin (3/8), Noor (1/4) (Upon the deaths of Arn and Rostam, half their shares went to the estate of their father and thus divided again to the surviving siblings, and half their share went to their mother)
  • 1650–1651: Vidar Ayreon (5/12), Aldin (5/12), Noah (1/8), Esther (1/48), Vilhjálm (1/48) (Upon Noor's death, half her estate was allocated to her husband, and remaining equally shared by her children)
  • 1651–1653: Vidar Ayreon (5/12), Aldin (5/12), Esther (1/12), Vilhjálm (1/12) (In 1651, Noah was declared a demon and thus not a human being, and incapable of holding property, his estate was divided among his children as if he were dead).
  • 1653–1656: Vidar Ayreon (31/72), Aldin (31/72), Esther (5/36) (In 1653, Vilhjalm declared himself a loyal subject of the Kaiser, and thus his property was divided as if he were dead, i.e. to the estates of his parents, and thereby their heirs).
  • 1656–1657: Vidar Ayreon (53/120), Aldin (53/120), Esther (7/60) (In 1656, the marriage between Noor and Noah was declared illegal, and thus any transfer of property to Noah in 1650 and its succession thereof in 1651 was illegal – new division of property was declared whereby the children of Noor would have inherited equal shares in her estate in 1650 upon her death).
  • 1657–1671: Vidar Ayreon (67/120), Aldin (53/120) (In 1657, Esther's share in the palace was expropriated with the price of market value by the Imperial Republic and given to Kaiser Ayreon IV in his private capacity)
  • 1671–1700: Aldin (53/120), Salome (67/360), Kir (67/360), Kian (67/360). (In 1671, Kaiser Ayreon IV died. He was immediately survived by his three children; however, his concubine Isidora was pregnant with a fourth child (Rubin) born to him a few weeks later posthumously, but this child did not succeed to the estate due to not legally existing upon his father's death).
  • 1700–present: Order of the Holy Lakes