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Federation Islander Sangunese people

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Federation Islander Sangunese people
Sangunese settlement in the Remote Islands of the Free area of the Federation
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Remote islands in the Phinbella Phinbellan Unincorporated Territory
Straits Settlements Straits Settlements
Maritime Kachi Kochi Maritime Kachi Kochi
Federal Special Capital Territory Federal Special Capital Territory
Dongping Islands of Dong Ping
Territory of Kota Hilir Territory of Kota Hilir
Tri-State Area Tri-State Area
Sangunese, Yapreayan, Springwind Islands Phineaner, Gangwol Phineaner, Ryukchin Phineaner, Hiliorian Phineaner, Taesongean, Sama-Bajau
Shintoism and Roman Catholicism; other Nazarene, Karmaism, Umraism, Animism
Related ethnic groups
Taemhwanian Islander Sangunese, Sangunese, Sanpanese, Hoennese, Yapreayan, Nan'yōklanders, Zaipinichi Taesongeans, Hāfu, Springwind Islanders