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Corus Television Network

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Corus Television Network Corporation
Native name コーラステレビ放送網株式会社
Romanized name Kōrasu Terebi Hōsōmō Kabushiki-gaisha
Type Public KK
Founded October 14, -1BP (-1BP-10-14)
Founder(s) Johnny Minato Exhquaraykin
Headquarters Corus Headquarters, 96-14, Kejiranan Higashi-Sawakahirō, Taman Sari, Kéijō, Tromelin Atoll, Territory of Taemhwanian Frontier Settlements Area, Oriental Taemhwan Oriental Taemhwan, Phinbella Phinbella
Area served Taemhwanian Phineaner and Sangunese-speaking areas (Oriental Hispanioéire Taemhwan), Phinbellan Maritime Territories, Special Administrative Territories, Forajasaki, Krasnovlac, Northern Keltia, Apollonia (including Vegno) and Mondosphere
Key people
  • Phillip Dennis Tennyson
  • Shōko Ferdinand Himazawa
Owner(s) The Straits Corus Press Holdings
Employees 3,352 (as of May 31, RP 2618, consolidated)
  • Corus Group Planning Inc.
  • Corus Forajasaki Company
  • Corus Media International Corporation
  • Corus Television Network Southeast Eura
  • BS Corus Corporation
  • CS Corus Corporation
  • Corus-News 24 Corporation
  • Hebat Events Inc.
  • Corus Television Music Corporation
  • Corus Television Art Inc.
  • Corus Technical Resources Inc.
  • SeeK
  • Destination Pro
  • SBS Molek Radio Co. Ltd.
  • Forecast Communications Inc.
  • Iurōkatsu Pictures
Website phinfanmade/broadcasting/corustv
Corus Television
Country Phinbella Phinbella
Broadcast area Taemhwanian Phineaner and Sangunese-speaking area (Taemhwanian Frontier Settlements Area, SSS Islands, Hōkaïdán, Judea and Nán'yō, and parts of Taemhwanian Mainlands including Ҭvuҟovarь), part of Rintis Island, Cyborges, Negara Awan, Straits Settlements and eastern and northern part of Orange Free State
Headquarters Corus Headquarters, 96-14, Kejiranan Higashi-Sawakahirō, Taman Sari, Kéijō, Tromelin Atoll, Territory of Taemhwanian Frontier Settlements Area, Oriental Taemhwan Oriental Taemhwan
Picture format 2160p UHDTV
(downgraded to 1080i and letterboxed 480i for the HDTV and SDTV feeds respectively)
City Kéijō
Branding Corus TV
コーテレ (Kōtere)
Affiliations Corus Television Network (non-news)
Corus News Network (news)
Owner Corus Television Network Corporation
First air date
September 1, -11BP; 30 years ago (-11BP-09-01)
Independent (-11BP–-1BP)
Call sign meaning
Channel 11 Kéijō X Television
Technical information
Licensing authority
Phinbellan Federal Broadcasting Authority
ERP 200 kW (analog)
10 kW (digital)
(68 kW ERP)
HAAT 214 metres (817') (analog)
218 metres (823') (digital)
Website phinfanmade/broadcasting/corustv

The Corus Television Network (Sangunese: コーラステレビネットワーク/コーラステレビ放送網, translit.: Kōrasu Terebi Nettowāku or Kōrasu Terebi Hōsōmō?, Phineaner: Rangkaian Television Corus, shortened to CTN), officially known as Corus Television Network Corporation (Sangunese: コーラステレビ放送網株式会社, translit.: Kōrasu Terebi Hōsōmō Kabushikigaisha?, Phineaner: Perbadanan Rangkaian Television Corus), more commonly known as Corus, or sometimes Corus TV (コーラステレビ, Kōrasu Terebi?) and abbreviated Cotele (コーテレ, Kōtere?) is a Taemhwanian terrestrial television network that covers the Taemhwanian Phineaner and Sangunese-speaking areas especially in the Romandie region and part of the Taemhwanian Mainlands, it was also the first commercial and private television network in the Romandie region before the existence of the TPHK television network. The Corus Television Network has fifteen owned and operated stations throughout the Taemhwanian Phineaner and Sangunese-speaking areas, including its flagship station in Kéijō with its call sign TQ11-KX-DTV which broadcasts on channel 11. Corus Television Network Corporation is a subsidiary of The Straits Corus Press Holdings which is the second largest media conglomerate company in the Romandie region by revenue after TPHK.

The Corus Television Network also has several services of specialty digital television, satellite television and cable television; local specialty brands in this network include BS Corus (including UHD 4K channel), Corus Plus, Corus G+ and Corus News Channel. It includes other subchannels such as DramaPlus (a channel for local dramas including Creole Drama), CCN (a movie channel), TéréAniVerse (animation channel), HeyYoShopping (a home shopping channel), V Net (a women's channel) and YTN (a youth channel). It also operates cable television services under brand licensing agreements with nationwide SBS and TPHK which operates SBS Molek FM, AKX Kartousha Holdings Inc., Squert Entertainment Network Forajasaki, Phineonesian Xpose Branded Television Network, Media Sinar Satellite System and Kadaoka-show Discover Network.

In addition to having its own film company are Iurōkatsu Pictures, Corus owns an animation studio known as CreatMost Animation which is a competitor to TPHK Studio Artmedia Animation, a production and distribution company of Phineaner-speaking shows which is Destination Pro, the publication of the entertainment magazine Hey!POPSGO!, and also an OTT streaming platform i.e. SeeK.

The Corus Television studio is located in the Shiodome area of Taman Sari, Kéijō and the transmitter is located in Saint Thomas Hill. Broadcasting terrestrially across the main cities that cover the Taemhwanian Phineaner and Taemhwanian Sangunese-speaking areas, this network is sometimes contracted to Cotele or Kōtere (コーテレ), it is a combination of Corus and Television, and abbreviated to CTV or KX, some people are confused by the abbreviation CTV which can distinguish between Corus Television and CTV Television Network in the Free area of the Federation. Corus Television's flagship station is home to the syndication network for news programs, the Corus News Network (CNN) which is part of the Corus Television Network, and these two networks cover the entire Taemhwanian Phineaner and Taemhwanian Sangunese-speaking areas.



On July 1, -13BP, Corus TV which was originally known as the Iurokei Second Television System (言うろ系第二テレビシステム, Iu ro-kei Daini Terebi Shisutemu?) was granted the first TV broadcasting license for commercial broadcasters in the Taemhwanian Iurokei and Phineaner-Eurphinonesian Taemhwanian regions. So at that time, ISTS was established not long after. After obtaining the broadcasting license, ISTS purchased a piece of land to build its headquarters building in Pasar Ghebo (now known as Corus Television Pasar Ghebo branch office and shared with MBS Bank on the upper floor) and started preparations for broadcasting TV programs. On March 22, -12BP, after the headquarters building was completed, ISTS began its broadcast trial starting at 9:00 pm (21:00 PPT) and ending at 10:00 pm (22:00 PPT), and in October of that year same, it is added for an hour until 11:00 pm (23:00 PPT). In early -11BP, the ISTS trial broadcast was filled with video music content from overseas including all corners of Micras in particular, and also broadcast a brief news program. After more than a year of trial broadcasting, finally on September 1, -11BP, ISTS officially began broadcasting in Kéijō and its surroundings at 5:00 pm (17:00 PPT). The region's first commercial TV station was officially launched with a six-hour broadcast time from 5:00 pm (17:00 PPT) to 11:00 pm (23:00 PPT).

Corporate governance

The chairman of this company is Phillip Dennis Tennyson who has been in office since April 2021 replacing the previous chairman, Mat Hasrol Mazing. The current president is Shōko Ferdinand Himazawa.

Sponsorships and industry partnerships




Satellite channels

Cable channels

Network services

Main flagship station

Technical information

Transmitter station Channel LCN (digital only) Notes
Analog Digital
Saint Thomas Hill 11 25 11 Main station (TQ11-KX-DTV)
Kaki Shinjuku 42 14 Relay stations
Bassas da Íeu'ryïan 53 34
Gaisaru Bank 54 33
Isla del Verde 35 25
Yokosuka-Kurihama 41 21
Islas del Tropico 29 (none)
Eureka Island 54
Isla del Verde
Île du Langkis 53

Corus Television Network owned-and-operated stations

Station Name in Sangunese Analog Digital
Call sign Ch. Ch. LCN Call sign
Kéijō (flagship station) 京城 TQ11-KX-TV 11 25 11 TQ11-KX-DTV
Martin-de-Viviès マーティン・ド・ビビエス
Terre Adélie テッレアデリー
Department Yapreay Authorities TBA
Isla del Tropico 熱帯の島
Spitsbergen Islands スピッツベルゲン諸島
SSS Islands 裁き-稲陽-ユースタキ諸島
Toyohara 豊原
Ҭvuҟovarь-Charcot Station-Hau ヴコヴァル-シャルコー駅-ハウ
Daïren-Dianaville 大連-ダイアナビル
Sendai 仙台
Bandar Laila バンダル・ライラ
Saporok-Karpatho Ïeu'ryádoche 札幌-カルパト・イェウリャドチェ
Tsunadenai 綱手内
Bukit Timah ブキット・ティマ
Phineaner Grisons マレー・グリソンズ

Just like what happened to TPHK, Corus Television have no affiliates in Itsunomi Mountains, Jeli Heights and Lower Ducie area (except Bukit Timah area) which are served by Corus Television's Ҭvuҟovarь-Charcot Station-Hau station and Kéijō main station.




Drama programming block




Movie industry


Special TV programs




List of most-watched programs

Holding and subsidiaries

Family companies


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