West Keltian Trade Association

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West Keltian Trade Association
Founded - PSSC
Headquarters Zidado West, Passas
Products Brokerage

The West Keltian Trade Association represents the commercial interests of Passas and Chelkran Kesh.

Company Descriptions

Company Flag Company Name Company Description Company Type Notes
Spronevandíe Border Patrol Agency Spronevandíe Border Patrol Agency Established in the immediate aftermath of a period of sectarian violence against Pallisican and Haifan practitioners of the Stripping Path in Caputia, the Spronevandíe Border Patrol Agency is responsible for monitoring the border between the region of southern Caputia and Passas Intelligence/Other
West-Trinity Keltian Railway Corporation West-Trinity Keltian Railway Corporation Originally conceived in the late 35.90's PSSC following the collapse of Alexandrian land-holdings in southern Keltia, the West-Trinity Keltian Railway Corporation is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the nearly 8,000 kilometers of railway which span between the Pallisican cities of Port Trinibelle and Zidü Wéazde. The rails which are operated by the West-Trinity Railway Corporation are defended by the Railway Archer Regiments. Misc. West-Trinity Keltian Railway Corporation
Preservation Hydroelectric Power Plant Preservation Hydroelectric Power Plant Located along the Rodinan River in the northern reaches of the Region of Passas, the Preservation Hydroelectric Powerplant was originally conceived in the late 35.80's PSSC, as part of an effort by the government of Passio-Corum to restore and rebuild regional infrastructure in southwestern Keltia in the aftermath of the Hammish Civil War. Today, Preservation Hydroelectric Power Plant uses state of the art technology to provide electricity to cities and rural communities across much of the Keltian continent. Energy
Sózhazn Laceral Lusazdéiro Agenci Sózhazn Laceral Lusazdéiro Agenci Established in a bid to restore the ranching industry in southwestern Keltia following the Hammish Civil War, and to diversify the Pallisican ranching industry which had formerly focused on the production and export of Eeli-Illt-Eda, the Sózhazn Laceral Lusazdéiro Agenci is today among the largest exporters of livestock in the world. Food
Trans-Rodinan Granite Agency Trans-Rodinan Granite Agency Founded in the early 35.90's PSSC in response to a growing need for stone following the conclusion of the Hammish Civil War, the Trans-Rodinan Granite Agency is responsible for the operation of a handful of large granite quarries in the Laceran Mountains. Misc.
Captive Sea Imperial Trade Company Captive Sea Imperial Trade Company The largest single employer of fishermen in the Captive Sea, the Captive Sea Imperial Trade Company is the only company featured on the Port of Storms which is managed directly by the Crown of Passio-Corum. As such, employees of the company enjoy certain benefits not enjoyed by employees of other companies, including but not limited to the right to receive partial stipends in multiple regions within the Greater Pallisican Trade Association, and the right to petition the Crown for the establishment of chartered communities in any of the lands abandoned by Alexandria or Natopia in the immediate vicinity of the Captive Sea. Employees of the Captive Sea Imperial Trade Company, furthermore, may be issued letters of marque on the basis of which they may engage in limited acts of piracy against the adversaries of the Pallisican nation. Food
Passasian Agricultural Exports Passasian Agricultural Exports Passasian Agricultural Exports oversees the export of the high high quality crops which grow in the region surrounding the foothills of the Southern Hammish Highlands. Food
Cherusken Metal Exports Cherusken Metal Exports Created in an effort to foster industry in Passas and surrounding regions, the Chelkran Metal Export Company oversees the extraction and export of gold from the island of Chelkran Kesh, in Southwestern Keltia. Misc.
Zimian Energy Imports Zimian Energy Imports Zimian Energy Imports oversees the import of fuel and electricity into Passas. Energy
Passasian General Imports Passasian General Imports Based in the ancient and storied city of Carol Stream, Passasian General Imports oversees the import of a variety of goods, from livestock to fine wines. Misc.
Witham Fruit Exports Witham Fruit Exports Witham Fruit oversees the export of tropical fruit from the Skerry Isles from the twin-cities of Ghriba and Aghir. Food
Carol Stream Oil Carol Stream Oil Established in the early 860's WG, Carol Stream Oil oversees the export of oil from the Captive Sea and northern Eura. Energy
West Keltian Season'd Beef Yard West Keltian Season'd Beef Yard Originally known as the Caputian Seasoned Beef Vendor, The West Keltian Season'd Beef Yard is the only company in the Bassarid Empire which is authorized to sell human meat for consumption. This controversial company was forced to overhaul its specific policies and overall brand when, in the 39.70's PSSC, it came under pressure for what many regarded as questionable practices in the territories of former Caputia. This pressure mounted in the 40.20's PSSC, when the company was forced to confront scandals after attempting to cannibalize the family of a popular Bassarid celebrity. Food Caputian Travel Advisory
WestKeltianReliefFund West Keltian Relief Fund The West Keltian Relief Fund is responsible for the provision of aid to communities which are impacted by the political instability which arose as a result of the dissolution of Caputia. Misc.
San Pedro Resettlement Agency.png San Pedro Resettlement Agency Established following efforts by the Humanitarian Mission in former Caputia to evacuate the region at the outset of the Haifan Civil War, the San Pedro Resettlement Agency oversees the settlement of Bassarid citizens in the territory of San Pedro. Misc.
TeamGreenSea.png Team Green Sea Team Green Sea is a community of pirates formerly affiliated with the Tax Guild of the Sea of Storms and the Maritime Free Republic of Fishermen, which began operating in the waters off the island of Niijima following an increase in tensions between the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union and Hoenn in 39.02 PSSC. Misc.

Product Lists

Company Product Standard Price
Prices High Prices Normal Prices Low Prices Unchanging
Spronevandíe Border Patrol Agency Border Patrol Agents .0255 / Share .017/Share
West-Trinity Keltian Railway Corporation Rail .0188km / Share X
Preservation Hydroelectric Power Plant Electricity 1,200KwH/Share 840/Share
Sózhazn Laceral Lusazdéiro Agenci Cows 2/Share 1.4/Share
Goats 3.5/Share 2.45/Share
Sheep 3/Share 2.1/Share
Pigs 2.8/Share 1.96/Share
Chickens 10/Share 7/Share
Turkeys 8/Share 5.6/Share
Horses 1.5/Share 1.05/Share
Trans-Rodinan Granite Agency Granite 6 Tons/Share 4.2/Share
Captive Sea Imperial Trade Company Fish 3.5 Tons/Share 2.45/Share
Plunder 5.3 Tons/Share 3.73/Share
Passasian Agricultural Exports Wheat 25 Tons/Share 17.5/Share
Oatmeal 10 Tons/Share 7/Share
Cereal 15 Tons/Share 10.5/Share
Hay 30 Tons/Share 21/Share
Cherusken Metal Exports Gold .17g/Share .119/Share
Zimian Energy Imports Uranium .063lbs/Share .049/Share
Natural Gas 5.6mmbtu/Share 3.2/Share
Passasian General Imports Silver .03g/Share .021/Share
Chromium 2.25 Tons/Share 1.57/Share
Salt 7 Tons/Share 4.9/Share
Wine 2.64 Tons/Share 1.84/Share
Dye .024 Tons/Share .016/Share
Eeli-Illt-Eda 1.3/Share .91/Share
Witham Fruit Exports Tropical Fruit 6 Tons/Share 4.2/Share
Carol Stream Oil Oil 12.5 Barrels/Share 9.1/Share
West Keltian Season'd Beef Yard Human Meat .0025lbs/Share TBA/Share
Tripe .0005lbs/Share TBA/Share
Imitation Tripe .1lbs/Share TBA/Share
West Keltian Relief Fund Pallisican Central Stock Fund .5 Shares/Share .35/Share
Greater Eurani Trade Association .5 Shares/Share .35/Share
Pallisican Port Felix Shipping Corporation .5 Shares/Share .35/Share
Northern Sea of Storms Industrial Corporation .5 Shares/Share .35/Share
San Pedro Resettlement Agency Resettled Citizens 2.5/Share 1.75/Share
Team Green Sea Polis .95/Share .91/Share
Ransomed Captives .035/Share .024/Share
Turned Informants .055/Share .038/Share
Captured Vessels .005/Share .0035/Share
Liberated Majuu .15/Share .1/Share
Captured Blockade Runners .1/Share .07/Share

List of Investors

Investor Name Shares Owned Percentage of Shares Owned
Council of Courts 8,549 1.63%
New Zimian War League 3,000 .57%
Region of the Center 900 .17%
Region of the East 950 .18%
Region of the West 500 .1%
New Zimian Temple Authority 1,800 .34%
Wallis Island 2,300 .44%
Domain of the North Antarctic 645 .12%
Realm of Bayen 2,350 .45%
Realm of Redwood-Brugge 450 .09%
Dependency of Tanah-Baru 1,600 .3%
Eastern Eura Trade Association 1,300 .25%
New Zimian Merchant Marines 1,000 .19%
Realm of Alphaville 1,850 .35%
Passas 10,750 2.05%
Zibertian Societies 12,500 2.38%
Zimian Societies 7,800 1.49%
Passasian Societies 4,800 .91%
Corum Electric 500 .1%
Passasian Unincorporated Territory 500 .1%
Province of the River Erik 500 .08%
Blore Heath 0 0%
Jogi 0 0%
Mylecia 6,500 1.24%
Rouge 0 0%
Vaeringheim 0 0%
Pallisican Pretender Government of Elijah's Rest 0 0%
Florian Republic 0 0%
Corumian Underground 0 0%
Imab Army 0 0%
Hatch Ministry 0 0%
Pallisican Primary Contingency Zone 0 0%

Recent Employment Reports

Year Number of People Employed Total Paid in Wages Average Wages/Person Total Value of Company Production Modifier
39.60 PSSC 4,759,066 472,387 Polis .1 Polis 891,396 Polis Drought (-10%)
39.40 PSSC 4,732,841 475,016 Polis .1 Polis 891,396 Polis Piracy (-20%)
39.20 PSSC 4,866,045 489,428 Polis .1 Polis 891,396 Polis Surplus (+20%)
39.00 PSSC 2,880,637 264,102 Polis .09 Polis 603,874 Polis Rebellion (-10%)
38.80 PSSC 2,689,801 213,197 Polis .08 Polis 532,830 Polis Crime (-10%)
38.60 PSSC 2,648,127 218,460 Polis .08 Polis 532,830 Polis Surplus (+20%)
38.40 PSSC 2,002,891 118,136 Polis .06 Polis 532,830 Polis Heatwave (-10%)
38.20 PSSC 2,038,726 119,400 Polis .06 Polis 532,830 Polis Epidemic (-20%)
38.00 PSSC 1,723,243 114,558 Polis .07 Polis 532,830 Polis Extreme Cold (-10%)
37.80 PSSC 1,983,690 122,626 Polis .06 Polis 532,830 Polis Crime (-10%)
37.60 PSSC 2,070,704 90,372 Polis .04 Polis 426,264 Polis Fires (-10%)
37.40 PSSC 1,234,988 93,384 Polis .08 Polis 426,264 Polis Floods (-10%)
37.20 PSSC 1,256,152 94,217 Polis .08 Polis 426,264 Polis Drought (-20%)
37.00 PSSC 1,189,667 81,765 Polis .07 Polis 387,264 Polis Crime (-10%)
36.80 PSSC 1,330,391 102,483 Polis .08 Polis 387,264 Polis Extreme Cold (-10%)
36.60 PSSC 1,735,502 60,991 Polis .035 Polis 200,960 Polis Epidemic (-10%)
36.40 PSSC 1,270,969 61,138 Polis .048 Polis 199,214 Polis Heatwave (-30%)
36.20 PSSC 3,430,434 61,231 Polis .017 Polis 198,569 Polis Surplus (+10%)
36.00 PSSC 4,083,817 60,939 Polis .01 Polis 198,569 Polis Drought (-40%)