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Water crisis in Alduria

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The water crisis in Alduria is an acute drinking water supply crisis in the Republic of Alduria.

Freshwater resources and water supply

Water use

Water sector structure

Central Water Commission

Private sector

Key issues in the water sector

Urban and peri-urban water sector

Rural water sector

Degradation of water resources

Solutions and recommendations

International response

Two soldiers, wearing a M15 Adrian helmet, shake each other the hand. Jingdaoese propaganda services worked overtime while Aldurians received such flyers with the bottles of water that was distributed.

International organizations

  • MTO: A Mission to Assist the Republic of Alduria is passed unanimously by the General Assembly on July 1, 2019.

Individual nations

  • Alrig Alrig:
  • Constancia Constancia:
    • The Constancian contribution initially comprised of a regiment of engineers drawn from the Home Guard. Headquartered on ESB premises in the port of Susa, the regiment's primary contribution was to advise on the construction of dew condensers in urban areas, the repair of Babkhan-era irrigation systems and the identification of promising sites for excavating bore holes to tap the vast Alkhivan aquifer. The mission had to overcome entrenched resistance on the part of Alduria's Alexandrian and Caputian civil engineers and hydrologists - wedded to the surface based water management strategies and wasteful economic practices of their ancestral homelands.
    • Constancian engagement with the Aldurian water crisis expanded on 16.XIV.1674 with the creation of Task Force Alduria, a civil-military operations brigade with attached water purification, engineering and military police units, which was deployed in "fraternal solidarity to its Euran neighbour to assist in its time of need".
  • Elwynn Elwynn:
  • Jingdao Jingdao:
    • While not being part of the MTO, the Jingdaoese reacted near the end of 1674 [1] and donated an unspecified number of gallons of drinkable water, half of which was to be transported with tankers and the other half in bottles.
    • Military instructors of the Armed Forces were sent to develop the Aldurian forces into a capable, neutral standing army.
    • Unit 666 was sent to Alduria, on Aldurian request, to aid in the cleaning of the radioactive fallout, which the Babkhans had left behind.
  • Krasnocoria Krasnocoria: The Government of Krasnocoria and their citizens have donated over 1.5 million gallons of drinkable water since the crisis evolved.
  • Natopia Natopia:
  • Los Liberados Los Liberados: The Milicia de Hierro, as well as the Iron Company, provide the aid convoys with naval protection and support on the High Seas
  • Palesmenia Palesmenia: Via the funding of the PDF and by decree of the Nadcraši, the ship PÓR Koréya Biye, made routine trips to Alduria with water shipments. This water came via a system of underground irrigation canals which sourced from the East Keltian Aquifer, as well as water purification plants along the Taylor Bay.

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