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Siege of Nivardom

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Siege of Nivardom
Constancian airstrikes on Nivardom.
Constancian airstrikes on Nivardom.
Date December 20xx – January 20yy
Location Nivardom, Eura
Result Absolute Constancian victory

ESB-Jörmungandr Group, Euran Directorate

Nivardomski Otechestvenofrontovska
Commanders and leaders
Petros III

Basileusa Cleo
Primo de Aguilar
Strategos Alexios Paxos

Ivan Asen

Petăr Asen

xxx troops

2 Northman Class Corvettes
xx artillery pieces
xx aircraft

xxx troops

xxx tanks
xxx artillery pieces
xxx aircraft

Casualties and losses
xxx killed

xxx wounded
xxx captured

xxx killed

xxx wounded
xxx captured

approx. 300-15,000 civilian deaths

The Siege of Nivardom is a post-Euran War insurgency that challenged the nascent Free and Associative Kingdom of Constancia.

Unrest in Nivardom

Assassination of the Metaxas party

Operation Purple Rain