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Ramzan Q̇adar Khan Abakhtari

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Ramzan Q̇adar Khan Abakhtari
Physical information
Species Human
Race Baatharzi Elwynnese
Gender Male
Biographical information
Spouse Fatima (m. 1688)
Najah (m. 1690)
Khadijah (m. 1708)
Children 12
Date of birth 1670
Place of birth Allswell, Elwynn
Nationality Hurmu Hurmu (from 1708)
Benacian Union Benacian Union (1698–1708)
Elwynn Elwynn (1671–1698)
Shireroth Shireroth (1670–1671)
Allegiance(s) Hizb ul-ʿUmrāti ul-Hurmu
Occupation Minister of Policing and Security

Ramzan Q̇adar Khan Abakhtari is a Hurmu politician from Transprinitica. He was elected to the Assembly of Representatives in 1710, 1712, and 1718, and was named Minister of Policing and Security on 1.I.1719 in the cabinet of Annika Raudsepp. He had previously served in government, 1710–1713 as Advisor without portfolio in the sixth cabinet of Daniyal al-Osman.

He is a practising Umraist. Educated at the Madrasah of Beebullahabad.