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Phinbella Federal Legislative Assembly

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Phinbella Federal Legislative Assembly
Coat of arms of Phinbella.png
Coat of arms of Phinbella
Founded 20 January RP 2612 (RP 2612-01-20)
Preceded by Provisional Legislative Assembly
Seats 183
Phinbella Parliament Pre-Election 2020.svg
Political groups
Voting system
Largest remainder method, Instant-runoff and first-past-the-post
Last general election
4 September RP 2613
Next general election
RP 2618 (Date TBC)
Meeting place
Nilam Puri, Negara Awan

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the Federal Republic of Phinbella

The Phinbella Federal Legislative Assembly (PFLA) is the legislative branch of the Federal Republic of Phinbella. The PFLA is unicameral and the current chairman of PFLA is Muhammad Hady Faiz.

Meeting Places

Usually, the PFLA members were met to held a meeting at Nilam Puri.

Current composition

Structure and appointment


Negotiation groups

Legislative process


In order to perform the important functions of scrutinizing bills, approving public expenditure and monitoring Government's work, a committee system is established.

Standing Committees

  • House Committee
    • Parliamentary Liaison Subcommittee
  • Finance Committee
    • Establishment Subcommittee
    • Public Works Subcommittee
  • Public Accounts Committee
  • Committee on Members' Interests
  • Committee on Rules of Procedure


  • Panel on Administration of Justice and Legal Services
  • Panel on Commerce and Industry
  • Panel on Constitutional Affairs
  • Panel on Development
  • Panel on Economic Development
  • Panel on Education
  • Panel on Environmental Affairs
  • Panel on Financial Affairs
  • Panel on Food Safety and Environmental Hygiene
  • Panel on Health Services
  • Panel on Home Affairs
  • Panel on Housing
  • Panel on Information Technology and Broadcasting
  • Panel on Manpower
  • Panel on Public Service
  • Panel on Security
  • Panel on Transport
  • Panel on Welfare Services



Members of PCLA

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