Microvision October 2007

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The October 2007 Microvision was the eighth hosting of the contest, and had a total of nine entrants. It was held in Cherry Trees, Craitland, and was won by Bobalania. Due to a loss of records, the individual allocations of points are unknown.


Country Language Artist Song English translation
Apiya Apiya Serbo-Croatian Tijana Dapčević "Sve je isto, samo njega nema" Everything is the same, only he is not here
Bobalania Bobalania English The Hoosiers "Worried About Ray"
Craitland Craitland English Michael Jackson "Beat It"
Durntkinstan Durntkinstan English Saliva "Ladies and Gentlemen"
Jamzinia Jamzinia English Aerosmith "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing"
New-Empire New-Empire English Sum 41 "What We're All About"
New South Vietnam New South Vietnam Vietnamese Bảo Thy feat. Vương Khang "Please Tell Me Why"
Ocia Ocia English My Chemical Romance "The Ghost of You"
Scotannia Scotannia English Melle Mel "White Lines (Don't Don't Do It)"


Pos. Country Pts.
1 Bobalania Bobalania 21
2 Ocia Ocia 19
3 Craitland Craitland 18
4 New-Empire New-Empire 16
5 Jamzinia Jamzinia 13
6 Durntkinstan Durntkinstan 12
7 Scotannia Scotannia 8
8 New South Vietnam New South Vietnam 4
DQ Apiya Apiya 9

1Apiya was disqualified after failing to submit its points allocations. Its points tally reflects those which it was awarded prior to disqualification.