Microvision January 2009

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The January 2009 Microvision was the thirteenth hosting of the contest, and had a total of eight entrants. It was held in Cherry Trees, Craitland, and was won by Antica. Due to a loss of records, most of the individual allocations of points are unknown.


Country Language Artist Song English translation
Amokolia Amokolia Dutch Conny Vink "In Moskou" In Moscow
Antica Antica Hindi A. R. Rahman "Jai Ho" Let victory prevail
Batavia Batavia Dutch Heidevolk "Opstand der Bataven" Revolt of the Batavians
Craitland Craitland English Prince and The Revolution "I Would Die 4 U"
Hamland Hamland English Village People "Macho Man"
Imperium Incognita Imperium Incognita English Coldplay "Glass of Water"
Interland Interland English Asphyxia "Rotten From the Inside"
Vanderveer Vanderveer English Clear Static "Make Up Sex"


Pos. Country Voting Pts.
Amokolia Antica Batavia Craitland Hamland Imperium Incognita Interland Vanderveer
1 Antica Antica 4 27
2 Craitland Craitland 3 20
3 Batavia Batavia 5 17
4 Amokolia Amokolia 14
5 Hamland Hamland 14
6 Vanderveer Vanderveer 1 12
7 Imperium Incognita Imperium Incognita 2 10
8 Interland Interland 6