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Meckelnburgh national under-21 football team

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Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
Logo of the Meckelnburgh national under-21 football team
Association Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation
FMF member 2020–
Confederation AEFA
Head coach Léonce Mathieu
Captain Halldór Olander
Home stadium Thomas Memorial Field
FMF code MCK

The Meckelnburgh national under-21 football team (Alexandrian: Équipe du Meckelmbourg espoirs de football; Aspiranto: Nacia Futbalo-Teamo de Sub-21-Jarulaj Ludantoj de Mekelnburgo) is the association football team for players aged 21 and under which represents the micronation of Meckelnburgh. It is a member of the AEFA, and is run by the Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation. The team serves as a developing ground for play on the senior Meckelnburgh national football team.


The team was founded in mid-2021 after the organization of Meckelnburgh Minor-League Soccer.

Chronological competitive participation


Used during the team's entire history.


Players on the national team are almost exclusively domestic players from Minor-League Soccer, also managed by the Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation.

Managerial history

Léonce Mathieu signed on as the first manager of the Meckelnburgh under-21 team in August 2021, previously managing the Boulonne Sealions.

Duration Manager
2021– Meckelnburgh Léonce Mathieu



Meckelnburgh under-21 has used the following flag during the entirety of its FMF affiliation: