Meckelnburgh Collegiate Soccer

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Collegiate Soccer
Countries Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2021 CE
First season 2022
Number of teams 29
2022 Season

The Meckelnburgh Collegiate Soccer League (MCSL; Alexandrian: Ligue collégiale Meckelmbourgeoise de football; Aspiranto: Mekelnburga Kolegia Futbalo-Ligo), branded as Collegiate Soccer, is the association football league sanctioned in Meckelnburgh for college and university soccer, operated by the Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation. It represents academic play in the kingdom. Collegiate Soccer is considered a secondary pipeline to Meckelnburgh Pro-League Soccer, though less than players who begin fulltime in the Meckelnburgh Professional Development Soccer League at younger ages.

Collegiate Soccer was founded in 2021 CE as the sanctioned league for Meckelnish soccer at colleges and universities. Unlike other leagues in the RMSF, it is an association of collegiate teams organized by the respective institutions' athletic programs.