Meckelnburgh Minor-League Soccer

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Minor-League Soccer
Countries Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2020 CE
First season 2020
Number of teams 24
Levels on pyramid 2
League cup(s) Minors' Supercup
Dauphin Cup
Charity Shield
Current champions Alexandretta City Archbishops
Most championships Alexandretta City Archbishops (2)
2024 Season
For the fulltime professional league, see Meckelnburgh Pro-League Soccer

The Meckelnburgh Professional Development Soccer League (MPDSL; Alexandrian: Ligue du Meckelmbourg de football de formation professionnelle; Aspiranto: Mekelnburga Profesitrejnada Futbalo-Ligo), branded as Minor-League Soccer, is the semi-professional training association football league sanctioned in Meckelnburgh, operated by the Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation. It represents the sport's incoming generation of professional players for Meckelnburgh Pro-League Soccer. The league has 24 coed teams across two divisions, 12 in Division A and 12 in Division B.

Minor-League Soccer was organized in 2021 CE as the academy and reserve league for professional Meckelnish soccer. Unlike most soccer leagues on Micras, Minor-League Soccer follows the same fixed membership of professional, locally owned teams as Pro-League Soccer. Each team in Minor-League Soccer is affiliated with a Pro-League Soccer team, and serves as that team's academy and reserve team.

Most members of the Meckelnburgh national under-21 football team are affiliated with teams in Minor-League Soccer.


Meckelnburgh Minor-League Soccer began in 2020 CE in the Meckelnburgh United Soccer League as the U-21 Division. The division intended to be the unified league of competitive soccer in the kingdom for semi-professional youth. Funding for two semi-professional teams was allocated for the first season in 2020 CE. Due to the league's small size, only four games were organized between the two teams, with a final championship match at the season's end. For 2021 CE, the U-21 Division of MUSL reached a size of 8 teams, the season followed a double round-robin format, and the top two performing teams faced off for the Dauphin Cup.

Following the performance of the Meckelnburgh national football team in the 2021 FMF World Cup, popular interest demanded the Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation expand the kingdom's ability to discover and train new talent for both Pro-League Soccer and the national team. An entire academy and reserve league was thus spun off from the U-21 Division of the MUSL as Minor-League Soccer. In the first season of Minor-League Soccer, the league reached its final 24 total teams, tripling in size.

Previous seasons

Teams in Minor-League Soccer.
Season Season champions
(number of titles)
Pts. Runners-up Pts. Division B Pts.
2020[†] Boulonne Sealions (1) 5 Alexandretta City Archbishops 5 No teams
2021[‡] Boulonne Sealions (2) 25 Victoria Athletics 23
2022 Alexandretta City Archbishops (1) 53 Tuft Mariners 39 Cannery Wharf Crusaders 41
2023 Victoria Athletics (1) 53 Alexandretta City Archbishops 50 Aspelt Valkyries 41
  • ^ 4-game season.
  • ^ 14-game season.
  • List of champions

    Minors' Supercup
    Team Wins Winning years
    Alexandretta City Archbishops 1 2023
    Boulonne Sealions 1 2022
    Dauphin Cup
    Team Wins Winning years
    Alexandretta City Archbishops 2 2022, 2023
    Boulonne Sealions 1 2020
    Victoria Athletics 1 2021
    Charity Shield
    Team Wins Winning years
    Aspelt Valkyries 1 2023
    Cannery Wharf Crusaders 1 2022

    Season format

    The Minor-League Soccer season runs September through May. Starting in the 2022 CE season, the league adheres to the Pro-League Soccer system, and plays a double round-robin rotation as part of the regular season, where each team from Divisions A and B meats the follow teams in their divisions twice. From the results of the regular season, the top two performing teams from Division B are promoted to Division, and the bottom two performing teams from Division A are relegated, automatically. The team from Division B who earns the most points in the regular season earns the Charity Shield.

    The top eight performing teams from Division A qualify for a post-season championship. The winner of the three-round, single-elimination tournament earns the Dauphin Cup and is considered the season champion. As the opener of the next season, the winner of the Dauphin Cup and the previous season champion play for the Minors' Supercup.

    League teams

    Minor-League Soccer serves as the connection between a career in non-league Meckelnish soccer and Pro-League Soccer. The majority of players try-out for Minor-League Soccer after playing in competitive youth leagues of the Recreational Soccer Association of Meckelnburgh, branded as Rec-League Soccer. A minority of high-achieving players are drafted from Meckelnburgh Collegiate Soccer and the amateur Meckelnish Soccer League. Players in Minor-League Soccer work as semi-professionals until called up by their Pro-League affiliate team or are stricken.

    Minor-League Soccer also serves as the reserve league for Pro-League Soccer, hosting players not on the regular squad or recovering players from injury. Each team has a limit of 30 players at any time, with three goalkeepers; at least three players must be 18 years of age and younger, at most eight may be above 23. A team may designate a limit of 18 players for a game-day squad, at most five of whom may be above 23 years of age.

    Division A

    Colors Team Code Location Pro-League Affiliate Seasons
             Alexandretta City Archbishops AXU Alexandretta Alexandretta Royals 2020–
             Boulonne Sealions BUU Boulonne Boulonne Stingrays 2020–
             Casted Nighthawks CTU Casted Casted Islanders 2021–
             Fríða Predators FRU Fríða Fríða Outlaws 2021–
             Petra Bobcats PTU Petra Petra Sabercats 2022–
             Halifax Icebreakers HXU Halifax Halifax Avalanches 2022–
             Sanktago Mountaineers SKU Sanktago Sanktago Saints 2021–
             St. Cloud Lumberjacks SCU St. Cloud St. Cloud Timbers 2021–
             Tillamark Locomotions TMU Tillamark Tillamark Steamwheelers 2022–
             Townsville Hornets TWU Townsville Townsville Rumblebees 2022–
             Tuft Mariners TFU Tuft Tuft Amberjacks 2021–
             Victoria Athletics VCU Victoria Victoria Clippers 2021–

    Division B

    Colors Team Code Location Pro-League Affiliate Seasons
             Aspelt Valkyries APU Aspelt Cripple Creek Whitecaps 2022–
             Battleferd Point Airbornes BPU Battleferd Point Kingsport Aviators 2022–
             Cannery Wharf Crusaders CWU Alexandretta Albioch Firebirds 2022–
             Crackau-on-the-Lake Zephyrs CLU Crackau-on-the-Lake Lake Crystal City Mystics 2022–
             Edmundsyn Arsenals EDU Edmundsyn New Millaro Snowrunners 2022–
             Esch-sur-Piquatoire Flames EPU Esch-sur-Piquatoire La Rochelle Emeralds 2022–
             Highgrew Hustlers HGU Highgrew Lunden Cardsharps 2022–
             New Aistu Nightmares NAU New Aistu Gilray Harvesters 2022–
             Sealand Park Turtles SPU Sealand Park Tatara Hurricanes 2022–
             St. Joseph Oaks Earthquakes SJU Alexandretta Hellani Volcanoes 2022–
             Tignécourt Foxtrotters TCU Tignécourt Liubz Vacationers 2022–
             Truckie Daredevils TKU Truckie Scarborau Knights 2022–