Recreational Soccer Association of Meckelnburgh

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Recreational Soccer Association
Countries Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2021 CE
For the tiered league, see Meckelnburgh National Soccer League

The Recreational Soccer Association of Meckelnburgh (RSAM; Alexandrian: Association du Meckelmbourg de football récréationnel; Aspiranto: Ripozamuza Futbalo-Asocio de Mekelnburgo), branded as Rec-League Soccer, is the non-league association football association sanctioned in Meckelnburgh, operated by the Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation. It represents the sport's basic level of casual, amateur play in the kingdom.

Rec-League Soccer was founded in 2021 CE as the association for informal Meckelnish soccer. Unlike the Meckelnish Soccer League, Rec-League Soccer is an association of casual leagues organizing irregular or, at most, seasonal competitions. There are no formal player or club statistics in the association, and clubs may be regularly created and disbanded. Clubs may participate in saloon leagues, after-work leagues, or other irregular recreational formats officiated by the RMSF. However, if a club does demonstrate a commitment to stable management and regular play in competitive leagues, they become eligible for sanctioning into the Meckelnburgh National Soccer League.

Rec-League soccer is important, however, as the starting point for a young Meckelnish soccer player. As young children, Meckelners start in the youth leagues of Rec-League Soccer, and work their way up through competitive formats until trying out for the Meckelnburgh Professional Development Soccer League.