Meckelnish Soccer League

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Meckelnish Soccer
Countries Meckelnburgh Meckelnburgh
Confederation AEFA
Founded 2021 CE
First season 2022
Number of teams 68
Levels on pyramid 3–5
2022 Season
For the professional league, see Meckelnburgh Pro-League Soccer

The Meckelnburgh National Soccer League (MNSL; Alexandrian: Ligue nationale Meckelmbourgeoise de football; Aspiranto: Mekelnburga Nacia Futbalo-Ligo), branded as Meckelnish Soccer, is the amateur association football league sanctioned in Meckelnburgh, operated by the Royal Meckelnburgh Soccer Federation. It represents the sport's highest level of amateur play in the kingdom, below Meckelnburgh Pro-League Soccer. The league comprises 68 coed teams across three divisions, 12 in Division I (tier 3), 12 in Division II (tier 4) and 44 in the three regional divisions (tier 5).

Meckelnish Soccer was founded in 2021 CE as the first sanctioned league for amateur Meckelnish soccer. Unlike Pro-League Soccer, Meckelnish Soccer is a league of private clubs instead of a fixed membership of teams. Soccer clubs in Meckelnish Soccer begin in the non-league Recreational Soccer Association of Meckelnburgh as informal clubs. Once a club has demonstrated a commitment to proper management and consistent play, they become eligible for sanctioning into Meckelnish Soccer. A club then may receive financing and facilities from the Ministry of Culture & Sport, as well as enjoy legal protections for participation (e.g. legally protected leave, paid time off, etc.).