Legality of cannabis by nation

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The legality of cannabis for medical or recreational use on Micras differs from micronation to micronation, in terms of its possession, distribution, and cultivation, and how it can be consumed.

Summary of legality by nation

Nation Possession Sale Import/Export Cultivation Notes
Alduria-Wechua Alduria-Wechua Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Cannabis in Alduria-Wechua is regulated by the Marijuana Legalization Act.
Imperial trade union Bassarids Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal The cultivation, sale, possession, and use of cannabis and its concentrates and derivatives are legal in the Bassarids with minimal to no restrictions.
Batavia Batavia No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal
Çakaristan Çakaristan No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal
Calbion Calbion Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Cannabis is considered a medical product in Calbion and not a drug. Cannabis can be purchased over the counter in small quantities, or may be prescribed by a doctor.
Constancia Constancia Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Total absence of regulation on production and consumption of all psychoactive substances. The duty of punishing users, particularly the heavily addicted, for their moral failings falls entirely upon the church and commune.
Craitland Craitland Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Cultivation highly regulated, and sale and imports taxed, akin to laws on alcohol and tobacco. Nationwide smoking ban limits legal consumption to non-burning methods.
Elwynn Elwynn Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Law on the matter mainly inherited from Imperial Decree 897.
Floria Floria Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Infamously known as the 'Drug Capital' of Micras. The Confederate States of Floria shortly after the War of Lost Brothers passed legislation to allow the use and production of recreational and medical cannabis. The country is the biggest producer of the drug worldwide and regularly exports the drug to other nations who have legalised it. The nation's capital, Northcliff is famous for its many cannabis shops located around the city centre.
Kalgachia Kalgachia Yes Legal Yes Legal No Illegal Yes Legal Kalgachia permits cannabis from domestic sources only. The Directorate of Health and Public Welfare imposes a limit on THC content to prevent psychotic side-effects; overly strong varieties are destroyed where found and their users must undergo a period of psychiatric quarantine in a secure institution.
Mercury Mercury No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal Possession is illegal. The penalty for possession of small amounts is confiscation. Selling or cultivating of cannabis is punishable by up to 5 years in prison, depending on the severity of the offence.
Nova England Nova England Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal
Ralgon Ralgon Yes Legal Yes Legal (see notes) No Illegal Yes Legal The Ralgons have some bizarre laws regarding the use of cannabis in the country. Importation and exportation is banned due to concerns over conflicts with allies over such items. Only Ralgon citizens are allowed to purchase, cultivate, possess, and use the substance on the mainland. Unlicensed sale of cannabis is illegal by pain of death ad gladium, due to grave concerns expressed by the Ralgon government over the illicit sale of unsafe drugs (tainted cannabis included).

Illegal use/possession by non-citizens is subject to imprisonment and transportation to a penal colony (other than Adrestia) for subjects, and deportation for foreigners after time in prison is complete. Aside from the government itself, very few entities exist with authorization to legally sell the substance. Use by the formal priesthood is illegal and generally subject to defrocking and, in extreme situations, excommunication.

Sale of cannabis is very lightly regulated on Adrestia, save for the ban on importation and exportation. Adrestia generally has more lax laws on the use of otherwise rationed substances than any portion of the Mainland. Here is the only part of Ralgon in which non-citizens are allowed to use the drug freely without fear of reprisal. In the Great Swamp region, special laws exist governing the use of cannabis, and most regulations save importation/exportation are dispensed with, usually to benefit the many Ralgon soldiers, (brown water) sailors, and marines stationed there.

As with all other drugs, smoking is strictly banned in the entirety of the country, unless in situations where it is absolutely necessary to maintain one's own health at this expense. Even in these cases, specialized, well-ventilated spaces are an absolute requirement. Littering with smoking byproducts is even more strongly frowned upon, and (along with littering with nonbiodegradable products) leads to immediate deportation or transportation (without the waste of prison time), or in more severe cases for non-citizen subjects, impressment into the Auxiliaries, which is arguably more painful than prison time.

Ransenar Ransenar Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Imperial Decree 897 remains the law in Ransenar as the Ransenari Congress begins to write and debate laws or policies on the subject.
Sanama Sanama No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal Legislation on possession, use and cultivation is a cantonal matter. Import and export criminalised by the federal government. After the military coup, the new junta banned all handling of drugs and instituted capital punishment for dealers and smugglers.
Senya Senya No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal Three-strike policy for use and/or possession, attempting to sell, import, export or grow is punishable by the death penalty.
Shireroth Shireroth Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal See Imperial Decree 897.
Talenore Talenore No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal No Illegal Possession for personal use punishable by a fine or court mandated treatment.
Unified Governorates Unified Governorates Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Yes Legal Officially regulated by continuation in effect of Imperial Decree 897. Monopoly on production, distribution, and sale awarded to the ESB Group along with rights to enforcement action against unlicensed competitors.