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Federation Phinbella News Network

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Federation Phinbella News Network
Type Broadcast television network
Country Phinbella Phinbella
Broadcast area Phinbella Free area of the Federation
Picture format 1080i (HD)
Owner The Maeil Times
Founded October 23, -6BP (-6BP-10-23)

The Federation of Phinbella News Network (Phineaner: Rangkaian Berita Persekutuan Phinbella; Taesongean: 핀벨라 연방 뉴스 네트워크; RRPhinbella Yeonbang Nyuseu Neteuwokeu; MRP'inbella Yŏnbang Nyusŭ Netŭwŏkŭ; Afrikaans: Federasie Phinbella Nuusnetwerk) is a commercial television news network in the autonomous entity of the Free area of the Federation. The network is operated by The Maeil Times.

FPNN is a provider of news program broadcasting and news exchange to FPNN-affiliated stations throughout the Free area of the Federation. It was established six years after the establishment of the network’s main station. TCN (in Negara Awan and Gangwol Capital Region) and MBS (in Danville and Keijinshin region) are among its parent stations.


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