Elijah Pureon

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Elijah Pureon
Elijah pureon.png
Full name Elijah Pureon
AKA The naked man from Leng
Physical information
Species Human
Race Elw / South-Cibolan Saxon
Gender Male
Hair color and style Brown
Eye color Brown
Skin color Pale
Biographical information
Father Nathaniel Pureon
Mother Desideria Blutwasser
Date of birth 1653 AN (age: 65)
Place of birth Dragonskeep
Residence(s) Daocheng
Nationality Jingdaoese
Allegiance(s) Jingdao
Occupation Staff member of the Gong Suweiai. Formerly: Council member of the Sifang Suweiai and janitor

Elijah Pureon is a Jingdaoese citizens who has served as council member of the Sifang Suweiai and who was born in Dragonskeep, Elwynn. His father was of Elwynnese descent, and his mother of Walstädter descent. In his youth he became interested in the history of his mother's motherland and joined groups studying the history of the Principality of Walstadt. These groups were often supported by the Jingdaoese Tegong, which introduced him to Pan-Jingdaoism and Jingbuism by the Tegong. To his father's horror and his mother's delight, he became a keen student of the Tianchaodao and converted to Chidaoism in 1678. Elijah became the leader of a group that aimed to blow up Elwynn's high-speed magnetic levitation railway system as a sacrifice for Sisera, but was stopped by the Tegong. His enthusiasm was noted however, and as a Pan-Jingdaoese members living outside Jingdao were sought, he was nominated by them. Unfortunately for mister Pureon, he was caught red handed trying to set fire to a public library that sold works on the philosophy of his near namesake Elijah Ayreon. Pureon was brought over to the Svordson Reform Settlement in northern Leng. He managed to escape, be it without any clothes, and by sheer coincidence was rescued by the Qiangtan Junren's 4th Wuqi Amphibious Infantry Regiment which took part in the 1680 Joint Military Exercise of the Jingdaoese-Alriggian Alliance. Elijah Pureon was brought over to Daocheng, where he was stripped of his position and re-purposed as a janitor, deployed to an artisan noodle factory in Chaku. During the years that followed, he participated in a re-education programme that kept his enthusiasm for the good cause, but helped him channel his emotions a little better.

In 1686, Elijah Pureon was rehabilitated in Jingdaoese public life and became a staff member of the Gong Suweiai. He was tasked with guiding former members of the Council of Driftwood into adapting to Jingdaoese political mores.