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Frederik Anders the Younger

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Frederik Anders the Younger
Frederik Anders II.png
Physical information
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color and style Short, salt-and-pepper
Eye color Brown
Skin color White
Other Full beard
Biographical information
Date of birth 1630 AN

Frederik Anders (born 1630 AN) is the Lord of Chur (Whales), serving as Natopian Secretary of Defence (since 1716).

He is the son of Frederik Anders (died 1632 AN) and Miranda Simrani-Kalirion (1604 AN1653 AN). Fostered into the household of Thorgils Tarjeisson, Arandur of Alalehzamin (1639 AN). Squired for Adam Anushiruwân during the assize conducted in Angularis (1639 AN1640 AN). Trained as a page in the service of the Kaiser Dominus. Continued education in Imperial service whilst held as a de-facto political hostage at the Imperial Court until the Oustfest Massacre (1644 AN). Service in the Palatini Corps of the Imperial Forces. Served on the command staff of Waldemar Zinkgraven during the War of Lost Brothers (1653 AN1656 AN). Present at the Battle of the Diwangdao (1653 AN). Palatine Legate of the Scholae Kalirion (1656 AN1658 AN). Prefect of the Military Government in Oleslaad (1656 AN1671 AN). Defected to the UGB and renounced noble titles following the Kalirion Fracture (1672 AN). Engaged in service with the Honourable Company's Benacian Directorate to recruit local forces in the Unified Governorates. Recruited amongst the Red Lach and Mishalanski a body of volunteers that were organised into the ESB-Brunïakis-Afzælt (1672 AN).

Married to Sabine Erika Rukovodna (1639 AN- ). Took a captive woman from Baicha, widowed by his own handiwork, as a concubine in 1689.

In accordance with the 1704 Decree in Whales on Judicial Appointments, appointed Chief Notary to the Court of Cassation & the Court of Admiralty. Assumed the effective position of regent and held that post until 1716 AN and his appointment to the Court of the Verdant Garden in Lindstrom.