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Oleslääd (sometimes spelt Oleslaad; from Oleslääd dialect, "Ole's land"), historically known also as Oleslääd-Svensland, is a historic Amokolian region to the west of Vattnaland. Since 1685, fully part of Elwynn. Its borders have never been totally defined however. Before 1685, parts of both Frankish Amokolia and Elwynnese Amokolia made claims to the historic territory. There was a Frankish Gau called Oleslääd which incorporated the cities of Iskander of Tsofnhafen, as well as most of the coastline along the Amokolian Sea from the Elwynnese–Frankish border up to Hyfrost.

Oleslääd has given name to the Oleslääd Sea.

From 1651 to 1671, Shireroth organized Oleslääd as an imperial dominion under military rule. It had previously been part of the Elwynnese kingdom prior to the monarchy's end in the Auspicious Occasion of 1651. The Imperial Dominion of Oleslääd stretched from Thorgilsby and Mittlere Stadt in the east to enu Esterion in the west, and from the Kalgachian border in the south all the way up to Aranvinger in the north.