Thíno Wúlatet

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Thíno Désna Wúlatet
2nd Minister of Defense of Palesmenia
In office
1670 AN – 1684 AN
Monarch Nasser I Akhman
Prime Minister Zarni Thu
Preceded by Sein Win-Hte
Succeeded by Khiné Túisia
First Cónsula of Palesmenia
Assumed office
1684 AN-
Prime Minister N/A, replaced by Senior National Advisory Council
Preceded by Position Established
Succeeded by N/A

Born 1645 AN
Died N/A
Nationality Palesmenia Palesmenia
Occupation Defense Minister of Palesmenia (formerly), Cónsula of Palesmenia

Thíno Wúlatet is the current defense minister of Palesmenia. He was appointed by the Émprassi himself after his efforts in defeating the forces of Southern Warlords. He is well known for his actions resulting in the swift defeat of the KKHAHK during The Canopy Offensive. He oversaw the massive onslaught that was The Long March West, which he had also ended swiftly.

Early Life

Born in the mountainous region near the the old Uantairi city of Alora, Thíno was relegated to harvesting wheat and corn during this time. However, around the time of the collapse of Uantir, his family migrated south.

Military Career

Unification Wars

The Northen Láu Dynasty based out of what is now Súrajh was known for its cross-borders raids. When Thíno was merely 17, he managed to help end the infamous Raid of 1663, where Láu forces attempted to seize control of Amur. His ambitions where not unnoticed by the early Nasser Akhman, who promoted him to the head of his personal guard, as well as Field Marshall of the Southern League forces.

The Canopy Offensive

During the infancy of the nation, a radical communist movement founded by an early political scholar named Bo Wai Zeyar, calling themselves the Communist Club of Workers of Former Kampong (Mgyan: Kampog'ye Kubya Ha'll Aúskahrí Hil'yédi Komunistyi, KKHAHK) rose up in Gázar, Yáranhatrí, and Southern Amuria and attacked many civil and military targets in these regions and throughout the nation, beginning what was known as The Canopy Offensive. While not Defense Minister yet (that title at the time being held by Sein Win-Hte, before his death in 1669 AN) he proved himself in battle, continually disturbing KKHAHK incursions from entering the city of Myahoetgazar and the vital port town of Beizér. After the surrender of Bo Wai Zeyar and the end of the war, Win-Hte awarded Wúlatet the Honorable Servant of the Nation Medal (a decoration still adorned on his uniform to this day) and put him in charge of reconstruction efforts in the southern half of the Gázar province. During his time there, Win-Hte would die due to heart failure, with Wúlatet being appointed his successor.

Operation Return Fire

During Operation Return Fire (or as some called it "The Long March West", was an operation to push back Lákarpa bandits from the Palesmenian frontier. During this time Wúlatet was still in charge of reconstruction in Gázar, thus Aán Bahíné was put charge of the operation. This would not stop Wúlatet from pitching in strategic plans that would help the PDF win several key skirmishes. At the operation's conclusion, he was partially accredited with winning the Siege of Celenia. For this, he was invited to the Order of the Sun Guard by Nasser I Akhman, an elite order of people whom only could join by invitation of members of the Royal House of Akhman. This order still exists today, even though the House of Akhman is extinct.

1684 Coup

Thíno is well known for having led PDF forces during the 1684 Palesmenian military coup. He chose himself to align with many military figure's decisions on forming an opposition to the Nadcraši's choice on abolishing the monarchy mere days after the Émprassi's assassination. After the successful defeat of Nadcraši forces, he was chosen to be the new leader of the Palesmenian state. After the coup, he appointed several of his most staunch loyalists to the Senior National Advisory Council, where he was unanimously elected the first Cónsula (Consul) of Palesmenia. With this promotion, he passed down the office of Defense Minister, a post he had held for 14 years, down to Khiné Túisia, who almost like a brother to Wúlatet since they both had served in The Canopy Offensive together.