1684 Palesmenian military coup

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1684 Palesmenian military coup
Date 1684 AN
Location Palesmenia
Result Military Victory, Nadcraši Dissolved
Palesmenian Government Palesmeniamilitaryflag.png Palesmenian National Salvation Force
Lakrpaflag.png Lákarpa Reservational Guard
Commanders and leaders
Amí Asovoé
Asmà Gedío
Palesmeniamilitaryflag.png Thíno Wúlatet
Palesmeniamilitaryflag.png Khiné Túisia
Palesmeniamilitaryflag.png Máséko Ánzina
Units involved
Republican Militias
Palesmenian Navy
Palesmeniamilitaryflag.png 3rd Army
Palesmeniamilitaryflag.png 4th Army
Palesmeniamilitaryflag.png Palesmenian Air Force
Lakrpaflag.png Pídaké Vüitumós Rëyasvikó
47,000 men 68,000 men

The 1684 Palesmenian military coup is a coup that is being conducted by the PDF.


After the slaying of Émprassi Ekitzer Akhman, the Nadcraši attempted to abolish the position of Émprassi. This action angered many of the Conservative Monarchists in the PDF. Members of the PDF declared this move illegitimate. The Nadcraši ignored this call, moving the proposal to voting. With the tensions between the military and the Nadcraši at a boiling point, the military declared the current Nadcraši was acting against the nation, and launched a coup "For the salvation of the Palesmenian state."


Day 1

  • 19:00: PDF commander Thíno Wúlatet declares the Nadcraši dissolved, and that the military will take control of the government until "further notice"
  • 19:30: Soldiers enter and seize the Halls of the Nadcraši
    • After the seizure of the Hall, the Nadcraši retreats to the Béseka Hall in the small city of Jena, just north of Ábbad
  • 22:00: Republican Militias enter Ábbad, and begins to engage PDF forces

Day 2

  • 3:00: Air force jets bomb National TV and radio transmission towers
  • 5:20: Wúlatet declares that the Censorship policies that the Nadcraši put forward will be ended, however many a skeptical of this promise being kept
  • 12:35: PDF ambushes Republican Militias in Southern Ábbad
  • 17:00: Republican Militiamen attack a group of pro-Military protests, killing 5

Day 3

  • 1:00: Several members of the Nadcraši are apprehended as they attempt to leave Jena
  • 15:18: Pro-military members of the Lákarpa Reservational Guard arrive in Ábbad

Day 4

  • 3:00: Several Republican rioters attack and burn a Nárhitist temple in Western Ábbad, prompting anger from the surrounding communities
  • 10:30: PDF forces announce they have "liberated" most of the Northern area of the Federal District

Day 5

  • 5:00: The ruins of old Castle Uantir are heavily damaged by a tank hijanked by Republican Militiamen
  • 12:00: PDF Personnel make a push into the Béseka Hall

Day 6

  • 18:00: PM Amí Asovoé is found dead of a gunshot wound in the basement of Béseka Hall
  • 19:30: PDF forces declare victory over the Republican forces, with Thíno Wúlatet being given power over the nation

International reactions

  • Unified Governorates Unified Governorates: On 24.VI.1685, the Unified Governorates became the first member of the Raspur Pact to formally recognise the PDF installed regime. The UGB government, the Command Executive, further proposed to appoint a legate to the country with an especial commission to open up official relations with Palesmenia with a view to a formal treaty, the establishment of trading relations, and the exchange of ambassadors.