Senior National Advisory Council

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The Senior National Advisory Council is the legislature of Palesmenia after the 1684 Palesmenian military coup. The council is made up of individuals noted by Thíno Wúlatet as being "outstanding individuals of governance within our nation." The council can only be made up of 5 individual members at any given time. The council held total power in the nation from its creation in 1684 until 1692, when elections were held. However, only members of the Council could run


Photograph Name Province Term Position Notes
Thinocolor.jpg Thíno Wúlatet Yaranflag.png Yáranhatrí 1686 AN- Cónsula
Anzina.png Máséko Ánzina Litoral.png Litorál 1686 AN- Minister of Public Affairs
Khine.png Khiné Túisia Antarflag.png Antár-Rúalr 1686 AN- Minister of National Defense
Miloshenas.png Mílos Hénás Amurflag.png Amuria 1691 AN- Minister of Finance
Hraze.png Békin Hrázé Atriflag.png Átri 1686 AN- Minister of International Affairs

Former Members

Photograph Name Province Term Position Notes
Jesakar.png Véza Jésakar Ayadariyeflag.png Ayádariye 1686 AN-1691 AN Minsiter of Finance Resigned due to illness