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Port Esther Summit

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Villa Hurmu, where the Summit was hosted

The Port Esther Summit was a peace conference in XIV.1702, hosted by Hurmu in Villa Hurmu, outside Port Esther in the Warring Islands, attended by various factions of interest in the Sanaman Civil War, with the intention to find lasting and orderly peace. The conference resulted in the Port Esther Peace Treaty, signed on 20.XIV.1702.




  • The new Sanaman regime is recognised within revised borders, with a non-aggression pact with the Raspur Pact.
    • Deal to export oil from Thanatos through Sanaman refineries and ports.
    • Sanaman access to the sea guaranteed.
    • Sanama commits to not export RP military hardware to USSO nations.
    • Sanama commits to "armed neutrality". Free passage through the So Saran archipelago.
    • Partial ownership of pipes going east
  • Cisamarra:
    • Independence recognised
    • Recognises Sanaman sovereignty over Jezar Mergu, mutual recognition, Sanaman ownership of the pipeline to Tellia.
    • Sanaman merchant ship access to Porto Napole and Acquecalde guaranteed.
  • Highpass:
    • Independence
    • Mutual recognition, commits to not join the Benacian Union.
  • Shireroth annexes most of Thanatos, all of Shimmerspring and most of So Sara.