Villa Hurmu

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Villa Hurmu on a rare summer's day

Villa Hurmu, named Villa Francia in 1684, is a villa and estate, constructed 1682–1684, in Barrow Island, located some 75 km west of its capital Port Esther.

Built for the Frankish emperor and empress 1682–1684 and originally named Villa Francia, it was, along with the East Barrow Island, transferred to Hurmu in late 1694. Renamed Villa Hurmu after its new sovereign, the estate became the property of the Order of the Holy Lakes and is intended to act as a guesthouse for members of the Order visiting East Barrow Island.

The Commissioner of the Peace, and de-facto military governor, Hans Danielsen, established his seat at Villa Hurmu with a small domestic staff - attending to ensuring the adequacy of the stock held in the larder, pantry, and wine cellar, when not burdened by the minutia of administrative duties or the latest reports of raids into the Warring Islands by the Sea-Reavers.

Jamshid-e Osman, Minister for the District of East Barrow Island, formally took possession of the villa on 22.III.1699 AN after taking up residence in the Warring Islands. Possession of the villa was retained by Hurmu in the aftermath of the transfer of the Warring Islands to the Benacian Union in 1710 AN. It remains a guesthouse for members of the Order of the Holy Lakes visiting Barrow Island. The Hurmu consulate in Port Esther also uses the villa for certain functions.