Jan-Gebreel Mesonau

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Jan-Gebreel Mesonau
Jan Mesonau.png

Minister of Defence

In Office
1 March 2017 – 19 June 2018
Preceded by Dan Toriu
Succeeded by Mikkel Daravet

Personal Details

Born 1966
Birth Place Balta, Meeredres
Political Party Independent Party

Military service

Allegiance Gerenia flag.png Gerenia
Service/branch Gerenian Army
Rank General

Jan-Gebreel Mesonau is a Gerenian military officer and politician. He is a General of the Gerenian Army.

Mesonau was born in the city of Balta in Meeredres, however, at the age of 6 he moved to Pantanada, where he received primary and secondary education. After finishing secondary school, Mesonau entered the Altun Kad Military Academy.

In 2012, Mesonau emigrated to New Calarma, and joined the Gerenian Army. He was rapidly promoted to Colonel of the 2nd Regiment when it was formed. In late 2013, Mesonau participated in the Restoration Campaign, and commanded the Gerenian forces in the Battle of Alĵis.

After the conflict, Mesonau began demanding a reorganisation and expansion of the Army. To this aim, he worked with Dan Toriu, who at the time was Minister of Defence and Chief of Staff of the Gerenian Armed Forces. Mesonau contributed with funds to create the Port Elerat Military Academy in 2014, and was its Director between 2014 and 2016. In 2015, during the Euran War, he sent some advanced students–among them, Alen Käres and Marîn Kerste–to the Gerenian embassy in Constancia to observe the development of the conflict and provide him with information about it. Around that time, and already affiliated to the Independent Party, Mesonau adhered to the expansionist ideas that were spreading in government positions. He helped convince the Gerenian government of claiming the eastern bank of the Camoleo (Trans-Samarne), and designed the "Mesonau Line", a system of fortifications along the proposed border of Trans-Samarne to prevent invasions from the tribes of central Apollonia. However, the Mesonau Line was never built due to Jingdao occupying parts of the eastern bank. Mesonau then focused on the western border, and in early 2016 he designed the Western Line. Later that year, Mesonau was promoted to the rank of General of the Gerenian Army.

In March 2017, Mesonau was appointed as Minister of Defence. He remained in charge until June 2018, when he was replaced with General Mikkel Daravet, and sent to Erisland to serve as the territory's Minister of Military Affairs.