International Master Demonist Contest 1708

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International Master Demonist Contest 1708
Goetia seal.png
Final date 1708
Venue An open field, Gathering Place, New Goetia
Presenter(s) Andrea Drakland
Winner Eustace Wriggles
Number of entries 4

The International Master Demonist Contest 1708 was the third edition of the contest held among the various titleholders of the Goetic cycle families to determine the next missionary-ambassador of the Community of New Goetia, known as the International Master Demonist. Andrea Drakland served as host instead of the previous winner, due to the fact that she cut the previous winner in half for causing the collapse of the Community and invoking a Bovic crusade against demon worshippers. The contest was held with all surviving 1696 titleholders returning to compete. The struggles of the Goëtic_Trail and settling in the harsh tundra of Caplona did not allow for new contests to be held.

Eustace Wriggles, runner-up from the Second International Master Demonist Contest, won the contest and will serve as Master Demonist until 1720.

Participant Expectations

The first Master, Lukas, offered a few guidelines for how each family should select its representatives: "The ideal demonist is comfortable being a demonist, they are proud to worship their demons, and speak confidently and engagingly. The ideal demonist is charismatic, and can function as the face of our entire Community. The Master Demonist should be steeped in the demonist lifestyle, knowledgeable of our history, aware of our persecution, and always striving to protect our way of life. The International Master must be unafraid of the other nations of this world, they must protect us and defend us. A Master must be respected by their cycle family, and must be able to earn the respect of the other families. A Master cannot condone the Old Ways or suffer those that do."


The Navigators CF and their title was officially discontinued and disbarred for the 1708 contest due to that family being destroyed in the Sky Riots. Italics indicate the titleholder died prior to the IMD contest, and no family contest was held to select a new titleholder. Bold indicates the runner-up assumed the title after the winner's death.

Titleholders for 1696 & 1708
Title Patch Eligible Families Title Winner Home Venue
Mr Basecliff title patch.png Cliffbase CF, Eagles NF Mr. Basecliff Cletus Brisco Missie C's Bar and Parlor
Ms gateway title.png Gateway CF, Eagles NF Ms. Gateway to the Best Maryanne La Fayette Lounge 68
Mr Gathering Place.png New Guard CF, Eagles NF Mr. Gathering Place Eustace H. Wriggles The "Palace" Annex Basement
Mr longhauler supreme.png Crophaulers DF Mr. Longhauler SUPREME Porthos Serena
James Carbonara
Exit 3 Park 'n Rest
Mx westwoods.png Troglonauts of Cibola Mx. Westwoods Jamie Goode SIRenity Campground
Mr straight to hell.png Gladius Demonist Society Mr. Straight to Hell Ol Gus Attitude Check Check


The contest was conducted in a single afternoon, without the pageantry and production of the full contests years prior. Andrea Drakland also served as judge for the contest, and gave a brief demonic prayer before allowing the four contestants time to speak. The contestants spent most of their time remembering their friends and family that were either massacred by the Athlonics or died on the way to New Goetia. Andrea then announced that Eustace would serve as the Master Demonist, and charged him with embarking on missionary work to bring the scattered Goetics to this new home.