House of de Montfort

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House of de Montfort
Noble and Princely family
Country New Britannia, Brettish Isles, Batavia, Jingdao, Calbion, Kasterburg
Etymology Alexandrianism of "from the city of Montfort"
Place of origin Montfort
Founded 1511 AN
Founder Baldwin de Montfort
Current head Arthur Owain James Sherrinford-de Montfort (in the direct male line)
Titles various
Motto My the Hand be Strengthened and the Fortress be Steadfast
Estate(s) various
Branches House of Sherrinford-de Montfort, House of Lucius

The House of de Montfort is an influential noble house originating in New Britannia. Members of the de Montfort family have influenced politics in Batavia, Jingdao and Calbion. The Calbain branch, also known as the house of Sherrinford-de Montfort, is the current ruling House which provides the Prince of the Calbain. Progenitor of the House of de Montfort is Baldwin de Montfort, who was count of the city of Montfort in what was then New Britannia in the Great Western Sea.

Family tree

  • Baldwin de Montfort (1511-1580)
    • Alejandro Cornelis de Montfort Blanckenberg (1539-1591)
    • Carolina Lucius de Montfort (1541-1630)
      • Ferdinand Lucius (1566-1634)
      • Lisanna Vröml Lucius (1568-1621)
    • Petrus de Montfort (1545-1623)
      • Hugo Sherrinford-de Montfort (1568-1639)
        • Charles Sherrinford-de Montfort (1590-1658)
        • Lucinde Sherrinford-de Montfort (1593-1647)
        • Carolina Delacroix-Castrigo Sherrinford-de Montfort (1625-)
      • Alexander Sherrinford de Montfort (1570-1652)
      • Hilde Sherrinford de Montfort (1572-1641)
    • Rupert Charles de Montfort (1546-1601)
      • Walter de Montfort (1571-1643)
        • Claus de Montfort (1608-1701)
        • Anna Carolina de Montfort (1612-1699)
        • Reginald de Montfort (1614-)
          • Jehosephat de Montfort (1635-)
          • Ezekiel de Montfort (1639-)
          • Hulda de Montfort (1640-)
          • Obadiah de Montfort (1642-1673)
          • Esther de Montfort (1646-)
      • Howard de Montfort (1575-1621)
    • James de Montfort (1548-1547)
      • Baldwin Charles de Montfort (1571-1651)
    • Louis Simon de Montfort (1550-1631)