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Count Shishin (Sangunese: 獅心伯爵, Shishin-no-hakushaku, literally "count of the lion heart", referring to the name Ayreon; Countess Shishin if held by a woman) is a title of nobility in the peerage of Sangun, originally created for Daniel Kalirion in 1582, for him "to have and to hold unto him and the heirs general of his body begotten and to be begotten".


Its rules of succession is governed by male-preference primogeniture, discounting any adopted children. As such, Nathaniel, and his descendants cannot inherit the title.

List of counts

O Portrait Count/Countess Birth Tenure Death Comment
1 Princedaniel.jpg Daniel bin Rashid Ayreon-Kalirion 1542 Nidaros 1582–1586 1586 Cape Farewell
2 Ayreon2.jpg Elijah Danielion Ayreon-Dariolin of Waffel-Paine (Kaiser Ayreon II) 1571 1586–1598 1598 Mandible Hill Eldest son, youngest child of Daniel
3 Esther Maryam Amirdokhtar Ayreon-Kalirion 1565 1598–1618 1618 Haraldsborg Eldest daughter of Daniel
4 Jonathan2.jpg Mirza Jonathan Merlingsson Ayreon-Kalirion (Kaiser Ayreon III) 1603 1618–1629 1629 Licht Eldest child of Esther
5 King Noah4.png Thorstein Noah Hallbjörnsson af Ettlingum Freyu 1616 Haraldsborg 1629–1685 1685 Stormark (declared dead) Second-eldest child of Esther Maryam Amirdokhtar; declared dead.
6 EstherDragonsCourtDress.png Fatima Ayreon-Kalirion ibn al-Majeed bin Sathrati 1638 Humility Mount 1685–1703 1 22.XI.1703 Tadmur, Arbor/Barikalus Only surviving child of Noah; her elder brother was declared dead before their father by the Order of the Holy Lakes, why the succession in this title ought to have by-passed him.
7 HakimbinAlsalam.png Hakim bin Alsalam 1682 Hyfrost 1703–present Eldest son of Fatima
0 Aurangzeb Hakimi bin Alsalam 1711 Agra Eldest son of Hakim

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