Baicha Heavy Vehicle Industries

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Baicha Heavy Vehicle Industries
Type Public limited company
Industry Vehicle manufacturer
Founded 1686
Headquarters Nova Victoria, Ralgon
Products Heavy trucks, armoured vehicles, tanks, stationary engines and parts for such vehicles or engines

Baicha Heavy Vehicle Industries, usually referred to by its abbreviate BHVI, is a manufacturer of heavy trucks, armoured vehicles, tanks and stationary diesel engines, that originated in Baicha, then part of the Barbarian Republic. The company was founded in 1686 with help from Sokoku Industries, which shared blueprints of the Dolstier I MBT with the company. Initial focus of the company was to provide replacement parts for the Dolstier I MBT that was used by Barbary in the Cibolan Reconquista. Ten customised Dolstier I MBT's were produced under license as well from 1686 to 1687. As the Dolstier I's design was over 40 years old at the time, some parts were re-designed. The company shared their improvements with Sokoku Industries, which invited BHVI to co-operate on the new Dolstier II MBT project.

Starting in 1686, the company also began to produce heavy trucks for the domestic market. The TR30 and TR50 tractor units, with a maximum weight of either 30 or 50 tonnes (including trailer and load) were announced in the Sheng month of 1686. A version of the TR30 that was adapted for building site use with more ground clearance and off-road tires, was fitted with armoured glass and marketed as the MIL30 to the Barbarian military.

In 1689 the company moved to Ralgon following the collapse of Barbary. Its evacuated premises were ransacked and plundered by the murderous Natopian ESB-Kosaken-Brunïakis-Afzælt cossacks, who abducted junior technicians, working on loading the last engines that were left on the site on trucks to Ralgon. Because of this crime, Baicha Heavy Vehicle Industry has the policy that its products, military or civil, cannot be sold or re-sold to entities associated with the Nathan Regime. It should be noted that at the time of the raid, all military sensitive equipment had been removed from the site and brought to sites in Ralgon and Jingdao by armed USSO convoys.

Military products

  • BHVI Dolstier I
  • BHVI Dolstier II
  • BHVI MIL30

Civilian products

  • BHVI TR30
  • BHVI TR50


Trade name Horsepower Torque Used in...
BHVI 20L V12/120 1,200HP 4,400Nm Dolstier II, TR50
BHVI 16L V8/75 750HP 3,500Nm USSO T86, USSO T87, TR50
BHVI 16L V8/60 600HP 3,000Nm TR50
BHVI 12L I6/40 400HP 2,000Nm MIL30, TR30, TR50
BHVI 10L I6/35 350HP 1,500Nm MIL30, TR30
BHV 10L I5/30 300HP 1,500Nm TR30