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Flag of Baicha
Motto: '
[[File:|225px|Location of Baicha|frameless]]
Region South Batavia
Mayor Ardy Quishan
Population 1,206,100
City rights awarded 1592

Baicha is a city in the Barbarian Republic. It was given city rights in 1592 by the Jingdaoese Empire.

Following the collapse of the Barbary Republic in 1689 the city was raided by the 1st Brigade of the ESB-Kosaken-Brunïakis-Afzælt during the course of a long-range raid conducted into the Green from Chur. Ardy Quishan and a number of individuals associated with Baicha Heavy Vehicle Industries and the Baicha Institute for Technology were taken into captivity and driven off southwards along with machine tools and engine parts loaded onto a convoy of land cruisers. Altercations with the locals were kept to a minimum but one individual who attempted to offer a recipe for a spicy peanut paste in return for being evacuated out of the failed state along with his family was executed on the roadside by the commander of the raiding force - Frederik Anders - who proceeded to take the proffered recipe notes and the man's wife for his own purposes.

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