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Baicha Institute for Technology

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The Baicha Institute for Technology, often abbreviated to BIT is a former Barbarian institute for higher technical education and research that was originally located in Baicha. The institute was founded in 1687 to enable research into technologies relevant to the economic interests of the republic, and to educate a new generation of engineers. Funding for the institute is provided by the Barbarian Republic and by private sector partners such as Arvidsudde Digital Systems, Baicha Heavy Vehicle Industries and Groenfort Trailers. The institute operates a student exchange programme with the Sokoku Academy in Gangdiguo, Jingdao. After the collapse of Barbary in 1689, the company moved to Nova Victoria in Ralgon, where it opened a technological research campus together with Baicha Heavy Vehicle Industries.


Due to its Baicha Heavy Industries separation into rival groups, the Institute experienced a similar division. Although the Institute's headquarters always remained at Nova Victoria in what is now New Ralgon, the Institute also maintains a flagship campus at Yixing, a relic of the Ralgon War of Succession, when Baicha Heavy Industries experienced a ten-year schism. The Institute maintains its flagship status in Yixing, as it continues to serve as the major hub of culture, industry, and scientific advancement for the Ralgonese and many Valoran populations living in the interiors of Cibola.

Other major campuses include Kenshiro and Port Ror'an, where Valoran students expect to find work at one of the many industrial hubs emerging after the final reunification of the Imperial Federation following the Conquest of Valora in 1715 AN. While there are older, more prestigious universities in both mainland Cibola and the wider Federation, the very high post-graduation employment rate remains a strong attractor for local talent.