Yixing Satay

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Yixing Satay
Type Public limited company
Industry Food industry
Founded 1683
Headquarters Baicha, formerly Yixing, Barbarian Republic
Products Spicy peanut sauces

Yixing Satay is a Barbarian company that produces spicy peanut sauces that was previously located in Yixing, but moved to Baicha in late 1688. The company started in 1683 when ethnically Jing founder Mark Yi began cooking sauces for neighbours in his parents kitchen. His sauces became popular in the neighbourhood and one of his neighbours introduced him to local supermarket manager Zou Groendak. Groendak invested in the company, so Yi could afford to rent a production facility and Groendak started to sell the sauces in his own supermarket. Other supermarkets followed suit and Yixing Satay saw rapid growth in its first years. In 1687 it became known nationally when it signed on Ryan Badstuber, prospective peanut farmer, former footballer with New Amsterdam United, and famous member of the Cibolan Volunteer Corps, as an ambassador to the brand. Sauce No. 19 is named after the iconic number on the back of Badstuber's kit with New Amsterdam United.

Trade name Description
Yixing Satay Traditional Very spicy, original recipe for the ethnically Jing population in Yixing that likes a bit of heat in their food.
Pleasant Yixing Satay Moderately spicy and rather sweet because of extra soy sauce, developed to suit the general population which may not be used to too much heat.
Yixing Satay No 19 Developed together with Ryan Badstuber to suit the former footballer's taste, more dominant peanut flavour compared to the other sauces.