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Al-Khadra and Qurtuba

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Al-Khadra and Qurtuba
Flag of Al-Khadra and Qurtuba
Coat of Arms of Al-Khadra and Qurtuba
Coat of Arms
[[|250px|Location of Al-Khadra and Qurtuba|frameless]]
Map versions
Capital Khanabad
Largest city Qurtuba, Al-Khadra
Official language(s) Arboric, Frankish
Official religion(s) None official
 - Adjective
Government Territory of Barikalus under the legal military occupation of the Hurmu Peace Corps
 - Commissioner Johannes Klaron Djupvik
 - Legislature Occupational Commission
Establishment 24.X.1704 AN
Currency Craitish Cräite (CRC)
Time zone(s) CMT+1
Mains electricity
Driving side right
Track gauge
National website
National forum
National animal
National food
National drink
National tree
Abbreviation TBD

Al-Khadra and Qurtuba is a territory of Barikalus that is under the legal military occupation of the Hurmu Peace Corps following the end of the Barikalus–Hurmu war and the Arboric Civil War. The territory lies directly east of Lontinien, on the east bank of the River Glacei. Al-Khadra in particular was the scene of heavy fighting during the conflict and thus has the highest number of displaced persons in need of immediate humanitarian relief as well as a priority for the repair and restoration of essential infrastructure.

The territory corresponds roughly to the unrecognized break-away state of Maerifa Free State.

The western bank of the territory, north of Qurtuba, will, under the Dasil Agreement, fall under Hurmu sovereignty on 1.X.1708 AN. The rest of the territory will on the same date return to full Barikalus sovereignty and administration.