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Type State-owned company
Industry Clothing
Predecessor(s) KAP
Vesta Sports
Founded 2011
Headquarters Tawlkar, Gerenia
Products footwear, sportswear
Employees 6,000

Aeroton is a Gerenian company that design and manufacture sports clothing and accessories based in Tawlkar, Gerenia. It is Gerenia's leading sportswear supplier.


Aeroton results from the fusion in 2011 of the companies KAP and Vesta Sports. While KAP was based in Tawlkar, the latter was based in Port Isherwood. After an agreement between the parts, the headquarters of KAP in the north side of Tawlkar were expanded in order to become the new company's one. By the time of the merge, both KAP and Vesta had 14 retail stores all over the country.

The first sports team sponsored by Aeroton was football club International SC, during mid-2012, before the beginning of the inaugural season of the Gerenian League 1.

In 2014 the company was put under government control, as all private companies in the country at that time.



One of the main focuses of Aeroton is football kit and associated equipment. Aeroton supplies team kits for most of the professional football teams in Gerenia, including the national team. In late 2012, the Gerenian Football Association entrusted Aeroton with the design of referee kits and balls for all the competitions organised by it.


Aeroton makes kits for all the teams of the Gerenian Rugby Championship and the national rugby union team, and it is set to produce rugby balls for use in the competitions run by the KNRŽ (Gerenian Rugby National Commission).

Other sports

Aeroton sponsors several ice hockey teams thanks to a deal with the KNSHŽ, the governing body for ice hockey in Gerenia. The company also provides equipment for many athletes in the country.

The Pulse Project

Aeroton is a major sponsor of the Pulse Project, a national sports development program launched by the Gerenian government in 2012. Aeroton provides Gerenian amateur and professional athletes with equipment, and provided funds to help build the Padatlen Dínames, originally to be named Aeroton Sports Complex, a sport city now owned by the Dínamo Tawlkar sports union.